Forbidden Sweet
By Richard James 
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"A basket full of caramels!  Oh isn't Christmas grand!"
The little girl said to herself and took one in her hand.

"I told you no more sweets my dear. So you must put it back.
And if you disregard me Daddy's quite prepared to smack!"

She held the sweet determinedly and looked from him to it.
Should she test him? would she dare? for just a little bit?

"Do not think to disobey. Youíll rue it if you dare.
You soon will be across my knee. I'll spank your bottom bare."

The sweet looked really good to her. She hadnít any fears.
Yet Dad had meant it. He would smack and it could end in tears!

Quickly she replaced the sweet and flashed her prettiest smile.
(If she was going to taste that sweet she'd need to use some guile).

She waited till he'd looked away, then snatched back up the sweet,
Then hid it underneath her skirt and sat down in her seat.

With one last look and stealthily she made her fatal choice.
She bit the sweet but then she heard a firm and whispíring voice.

"Thatís it young Miss!" her father hissed.  (She'd heard the call of doom!)
"Get up those stairs and wait for me. Iíll see you in your room!"

"I didnít mean it Daddy!  No!  I really meant no harm!
There's honestly no need for you to make my bottom warm!"

"I've told you what you have to do.  I want no more delay.
Youíll get your little bottom smacked whatever else you say.

Up in your room or here and now, it's all the same to me.
Perhaps you want your bottom spanked where company can see?

If you donít want them all to watch me smack your derrière,
Youíll take your naughty bottom very quickly up the stair!"

With blushing cheek and beating heart she rushed upon her way.
She didnít want her bottom spanked in public here today!

Once in her room she lay and sobbed in mis'ry on her bed,
For fear her Daddy soon would make her little bottom red.

No longer did that wretched sweet seem nearly worth the price,
Of having Daddy come upstairs and spank her in a trice!

She heard him on the staircase as it creaked beneath his feet,
Like any naughty daughter she got ready to entreat.

Her anxious tears were trailing little rivelets down her cheek.
How best to plead for mercy? Or what get out could she seek?

"Please Daddy I was joking!" (gasp!)  "I didnít disobey!
Daddy, you misunderstood. I only meant to play!

I hate it when you spank my bum! Forgive me Daddy, please!
Iím oh so very sorry!  Donít put me across your knees!"

She said this while he entered and he firmly closed the door.
He cleared her chair and placed it in the centre of the floor.

Then sitting, Daddy looked at her and gently shook his head.
(Oh how his daughter wished she could be somewhere else instead!)

"My darling little daughter it is painful but itís true,
I told you if you ate that sweet, exactly what Iíd do.

So no more lame excuses. By the time Iíve counted three,
I want you with your knickers down face down across my knee.

And if you disobey again you know what is to come -
An extra dozen smacks or so upon your little bum."

With that he started counting out so soft and clear and slow,
And so his little daughter knew just where she had to go.

She sobbed but eased her knickers down just to her upper thigh,
And lay across his ample lap with little bottom high.

All her copious cries and sobs they simply made him smile.
(Heíd seen right through his daughter's crying ploy for quite a while).

He held his daughter firmly as he raised her little skirt,
"You'd better save those tears for when your bottom starts to hurt!"

He eased her knickers further down so they werenít in his way,
And paused with her bare bottom now entirely on display.

A most endearing sight it is - that no one could deny:
A child draped over Daddy's knee, her bottom towards the sky.

The hand which Daddy soon would use to punish and chastise,
Now rested on her bare behind above her tender thighs.

Her father had to steel himself to make her bottom smart.
To cause his little daughter pain would almost break his heart.

His daughter on the other hand knew that she would be smacked,
And though she might deserve it, did not want her bottom whacked!

She had been disobedient, deceitful and she knew,
She soon would feel less guilty once both she and Dad were through.

She knew she had been naughty and that now she had to pay.
But she still felt eversomuch worse to have this short delay.

Then Daddy slowly raised his hand, and with a thunderous crack,
He gave his daughter's upturned bum a most effective whack.

This treatment he repeated til it wasnít long before,
His daughterís tender little rump was warm and pink and sore.

For though she squirmed and writhed and kicked as any child will do,
He held her firm across his knee and all his smacks got through.

He spanked and spanked and spanked her tender little tail,
Until she was a sorry girl and all her tears were real.

At last he stood his daughter up and hugged her while she cried,
And rubbed her well-spanked bottom until all her tears had dried.

He hoisted up her knickers then and rocked her tenderly,
Until she felt as safe and loved as any child could be.

Then Daddy kissed her forehead and he looked her in the eye.
"I much prefer to hug you than to spank you while you cry.

I love you when youíre naughty, Dear, not only when youíre good,
But even when you're disobedient or in a mood.

I hope youíve learned your lesson, Darling:  Never disobey!
But even if you havenít, Daddy loves you anyway!"

She looked at him and whispered, "Iím so sorry I was bad!
And even when youíre spanking me you know I love you, Dad!"

He led her to the bathroom, there he washed her tearstained face,
So those who sat below would never know of her disgrace.

At last when she was ready they descended hand in hand,
Their guests were none the wiser, only two did understand:

Poetic daughters misbehave.  Their fathers must correct.
But good rhymed couplet spankings lead to mutual respect!

(c) Richard James, 2008