The Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page

           A Web Site Devoted to Old-Fashioned Discipline of Make-Believe Children.

         WARNING:  This web page contains drawings, paintings and sketches depicting spankings of  minor females.  If this sort of material offends you, please do not enter the Handprints web site.   The author of this web page strongly opposes all forms of child abuse and violence against  children, including "spanking."  The child discipline techniques depicted on this web site should never be used on real-life children.  Children are human beings entitled to respect for their personal dignity and for their emotional and physical boundaries.  Hence,  spankings in any form should only be given to imaginary children, or to consenting adults.

        The laws of the USA criminalize photographic depictions of real or simulated  abuse of children.  In willing compliance with these laws, this web page contains no child spanking photographs of any kind and never will.    Anyone soliciting or offering illegal images will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

        This is not an "adult" page.  The images and stories on this web site are never pruriently explicit.   They depict no lascivious acts of any kind nor any depiction of  frontal  nudity, and are intended  to be legal  in all countries worldwide.


This imaginary child's Mommy is about to give her a spanking!
If you would rather not watch, then this website is not for you
 and you would be well advised to


On the other hand, if you feel that fictional children like her
need firm imaginary discipline,
and you want  make sure they
receive it,
then please



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