By Handprince

Illustrations by George Jackson Churchward

    "Aimee, I'm concerned about the way you've been behaving lately," declared Janet Miller as she hung up the telephone.

    "What do you mean Mommy?" asked Aimee, looking up from her coloring book on the kitchen table.

    "Well, you simply haven't been doing what you are told. I was just on the phone with your teacher and she says you've only been handing in your homework about half the time. But whenever I ask if you have done your homework you always say that you have. What's more, you're room is always a mess. And when I ask you to clean it, or to do something around the house, all you say is 'I will' or 'in a minute,' and then you still never do it."

    "Um... I'm sorry Mommy" Aimee replied.

    "And that's another thing. Whenever you don't obey me, you say you are 'sorry,' but then you do it again. Is anything the matter, Dear?

    "I'm fine Mommy," chirped Aimee, thinking that this might end the conversation and allow her to return to her coloring book.

    "Well, everything isn't fine with me!" snapped Mrs. Miller, placing her hands on her hips and regarding her little daughter sternly. "I'm at my wit's end trying to keep my job while raising you all by myself. But when I was your age, If I'd acted the way you've been acting, there is one thing I know Grandmama would have done - and it's the one thing I still haven't tried yet with you!"

    The way Mommy was glaring at her made Aimee uneasy, and the little girl didn't feel comfortable with the direction this conversation was taking, although she wasn't sure why. After several seconds of awkward silence, Aimee asked uneasily, "Um... what are y'gonna do, Mommy?"

    "Quite frankly, Aimee, I think its time I gave you a good, old-fashioned spanking!"

    "No Mommy!" cried the suddenly distraught Aimee, hopping out of her chair and looking up at her mother with wide eyes. "Please don't spank me Mommy!" Aimee had never been spanked before, but most of her friends had, and they were all afraid to be spanked. So on one level, Aimee was certain she didn't want a spanking either. At the same time, she knew that Grandmama had spanked Mommy when she was little, and that Grandmama's  mother had spanked her when she was little. So a small part of Aimee was curious about this unfamiliar facet of family life, and wondered what getting a spanking would be like. But the rest of her preferred not to find out first hand.

    "I promise I'll be good!" exclaimed Aimee earnestly, reaching her arms around her mother's middle and looking up at her with imploringly. "I'll do all my homework and... and... I'll clean my room right now!" Janet felt an ache in her heart as she looked down into the pretty face of the daughter she loved so dearly. Part of her wanted to believe this promise and give Aimee another chance. But the child had been getting one "another chance" after another all month long - ever since her father had walked out on them. No. Janet was not going to be put off so easily this time, for she had already made up her mind that a good spanking was just what her daughter needed.

    "Honey," she told Aimee as she gently unfastened the child's arms from around her waist, "go up to your room now and I'll be up in a minute."

    Aimee, not wishing to further upset her mother, obeyed. In her room she waited in anxious anticipation. Aimee knew that she really hadn't been a very good girl lately.  But she just couldn't seem to help it. Everything was sad and wrong and different now that Daddy was gone. But she had never imagined that her mother might spank her! First Daddy goes away (with someone named "That Hussy" according to Mommy) and now this.  How much was her spanking going to hurt? Would Mommy pull her panties down and spank her bare bottom the way she said Grandmama used to do? But... maybe Mommy wasn't really serious, thought Aimee. Maybe Mommy just said all that stuff just to see if it would make Aimee behave.  Aimee was soon to learn just how serious her mother was.

    Janet entered Aimee's room. "A-Are you really gonna spank me, Mommy?" blurted Aimee in a frightened little voice.

    "Yes Aimee... I am really going to spank you."

    "But... will it hurt?"

    "Yes honey, it will hurt - very much. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you won't like it one bit." With that Aimee's mother took her daughter by the arm, lead her over to the bed and sat down. "Aimee," said her mother, in a tone of calm authority, "lay across my lap. It is time for your spanking now."

    Aimee hesitated, hoping that if she stalled for time her mother might have second thoughts.  "Please Mommy! Please give me a second chance!"

    "Young Lady, I told you to do something and I meant it!" said Janet.  Taking a firm hold of Aimee's left arm, and placing her other hand on Aimee's waist, she tried to gently guide her daughter over her lap.

    "NO!" cried Aimee frantically, pushing back on her mother's shoulder with her right hand.

    "I've had quite enough of your disobedience, young lady!" snapped Janet sternly, and forcefully swept Aimee face down across her lap.  "From now on, when I tell you do do something, Aimee, you are going to obey me!"

    "I'm sorry Mommy!  I'm ss-o-orry-y-y!  Please don't spank me!!"  Aimee whimpered anxiously.   Aimee's anxiety increased as she felt her mother lifting her skirt and slip, and even more anxious as her mother positioned her bottom to make a better target.

    "You've had this coming for a long time, young lady!"

    Janet Miller paused. A moment passed.  Across her lap lay her own beloved Aimee, looking back at her with wide, moist eyes; her lavender floral print skirt and white lace-trimmed slip in disarray across her slender back, the seat of her panties stretched snugly  across the soft mounds of her tender bottom - awaiting their first spanking. Once again, she fought back the urge to let Aimee off with a warning. She had come this far.  There could be no turning back now. Ruefully, Janet remembered the many times that her own mother - Aimee's "Grandmama" - had marched her up to her room as a child, sat down on the side of her bed, and placed her in this very same position before pulling down her panties and administering a stinging spanking to young Janet's little bare bottom. How she had hated those    spankings.. and feared them!
   When Aimee was born, Janet had resolved that she would never spank her child. Yet, thought Janet, here she was, with Aimee across her knee, about to give her baby a good, sound spanking.  Her mother had always predicted that this day would arrive, and now it had.  As Janet placed her right hand across Aimee's  back to steady her, she felt as if she finally understood how her own mother must have felt years ago when she'd taken little Janet over her knee.

    Much as it grieved Janet to be about to bring tears to the eyes of the child she loved, she knew that this was all the more reason to spank soundly so that Aimee would learn her lesson well and not need to be spanked again anytime soon for similar misbehaviors.   With this thought in mind Janet took a firm hold of the waistband of Aimee's white cotton panties and began to tug them down.

    "NO-O-O!" cried Aimee in dismay, reaching back to try to stay her mother's hand.  But it was too late.  Mommy had already pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and out of Aimee's reach.

    So Mommy was going to spank her on her bare bottom, just like Grandmama used to do!  The air in the room felt suddenly cool against her suddenly bare skin.  All at once, Aimee felt dreadfully vulnerable lying there with her panties down, with no protection at all, knowing that Mommy was about to spank her!

    After Janet had pulled Aimee's panties down far enough to expose her daughter's pale bottom and the upper part of her thighs, Mrs. Miller paused for a moment to prepare herself for what she was about to do.  Across her lap, the twin orbs of Aimee's buttocks were framed by the bunched up knot of her panties on the left and the careless heap of  her skirt and slip on the right.  So this is was the view Janet's mother had had all those times she'd spanked Janet as a child - so very different from the view Janet herself remembered: the floorboards, her mother's shoes, and the horrid sting as her mother's palm methodically lit a fire on her unprotected little backside.

    Although Janet was determined to give her naughty child a good spanking, her heart also felt heavy.  Oh, how she wished this weren't necessary! But what must be done must be done - and done thoroughly.  She raised her open palm high and brought it down with a with a resounding SMACK squarely across the soft mounds of Aimee's bottom.  And at that moment she realized her own mother must have once felt much the same way.

    The first slap caught Aimee by surprise as she felt a sharp tingly pain in her bottom. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Aimee's mother continued slap her little daughter's bare buttocks swiftly with her open hand. Aimee gasped and was too stunned to make any noise during the first few smacks but that soon changed as the smarting sting quickly began to build.


    "I know Dear. [SMACK] It's going to [SMACK] hurt [SMACK] even [SMACK] more before I'm [SMACK]  finished with [SMACK] you!!"

    Mrs. Miller still couldn't quite bring herself to spank Aimee as hard as she imagined her own mother had once spanked her, although she knew her daughter's cries of pain were genuine. Aimee, who had no idea that spankings could be even worse than this one, was beginning to kick and buck on her mother's lap; however, nothing could stop the rise and fall of her mother's relentless hand.


    As the sting of Aimee's first spanking continued to mount, the little girl burst completely into tears, her sobbing wails sharply punctuated by the steady swats of her mother's palm against her bare skin.  Aimee knew that spankings hurt, but she had not imagined that they could hurt this much. No wonder her friends were so afraid of spankings!

    Tears spilled from Aimee's eyes, and bawling little girl kicked her legs and squirmed on her mother's lap as Janet continued to slap the little hemispheres smartly and emphatically.  If only she hadn't been such a bad girl!  If only she hadn't made Mommy so mad at her!


    Janet continued to spank, and the milky skin of her daughter's buttocks gradually began to turn pink wherever it had been slapped.  Again and again she aimed at the same hand-shaped spot  across the cheeks of Aimee's bare behind, causing it to blush a deeper and deeper pink.  The more Janet spanked her little girl, the more piteously the child cried and the more frantically she kicked and twisted.  Janet took a firmer hold of Aimee and continued to punish her without breaking rhythm.

    As she held her sobbing daughter tightly with one hand and spanked her with the other, images flashed through Janet's mind of some of the more memorable times when her own mother had disciplined her this way: that time she'd copied from her neighbor's paper on a test at school, the time she'd gone swimming without permission, the time she'd thrown sand in her brother's eyes at the beach, the time she and her best friend  made mud pies while wearing their Sunday dresses, the time she'd...   Yes, Janet had once been at least as much of a handful as Aimee was, that's for sure!

     Janet paused for a moment and listened to her daughter cry.  The spanks were certainly hurting, but Aimee still wasn't crying quite as hard as Janet would have been by now during one of her own mother's spankings at this age.  The soundness of her mother's spankings had certainly taught little Miss Janet  to behave herself, and she wanted Aimee's first spanking to be equally sound. So, steeling herself against the urge to comfort her crying daughter, she began to slap Aimee's sore little bottom once more, a little harder than before.

    Before, Aimee had thought she could not take any more but now the stinging pain was even worse.  Never had she imagined that her mother's gentle hand could hurt so! Her bottom was scorching so badly! Aimee wanted to beg for mercy but all she could manage to do was cry as her mother continued to smack her bottom until it was the color of strawberry ice cream.

    Finally, ignoring the pins-and-needles sensation in her own palm, Janet gave her daughter several slow, extra-hard smacks to conclude the first spanking of Aimee's life, while Aimee wailed loudly and flailed her panty-entangled legs each time the slaps landed.   At last, Janet was satisfied that Aimee had been sufficiently spanked.

    Aimee was crying so hard, and her bottom was stinging so urgently, that it took her several moments to notice that her punishment was over. Janet let Aimee cry for awhile over her lap but did not permit her to reach back to rub her throbbing buttocks.   Aimee was no longer kicking and squirming, but  lay limply, draped like a wet cloth, weeping like the freshly-spanked little girl she was.  After couple minutes had passed and Aimee was no longer crying as hard, Janet began to admonish her.

    "Are you going to do all your homework from now on, young lady?"

    "Y-y-yes... M-Mommy..." sobbed Aimee softly.

    "Are you going to clean your room when I ask you to?"  The same reply.  Janet, went through her whole list of grievances concerning her daughter's behavior.  In each case she asked if Aimee was going to behave herself.   In each case a "yes Mommy" came in return.  "Do you promise to be a good girl from now on?"  Again, the same reply.

    Aimee would have promised her mother anything at that moment - anything to be back in Mommy's favor again.  And, of course, anything not to have to get another spanking!

    Janet  helped Aimee to her feet, her panties still down, and allowed her to rub her bottom. She tenderly kissed her little daughter and gave her a long hug while Aimee continued to sniffle and rest her head on her Mommy's shoulder. Janet comforted her gently as her tears abated, telling Aimee that she loved her dearly and hadn't enjoyed giving her a spanking.

    "But Aimee," she continued, her voice soft but earnest, "from now on if you continue not clean your room or do your homework or your chores, do you know what is going to happen?"  Janet gave Aimee no time to reply, "No matter how much it breaks Mommy's heart to do so, Mommy is going to march you right back up here to your bedroom again, turn you across her lap, pull down your panties, and give you another spanking  Is that understood?"

    Yes. Aimee understood.

    She understood that from now on, being Mommy's daughter would never be the same again.

 ~ The  Beginning ~

(c) Handprince, 2005

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