My Cousin Audrey - Chapter 3............


    The bathroom door opened in the hall, and Aunt Betsy emerged, wearing a blue-gray blouse, dark blue skirt and pumps. . She crossed the hall and entered Audrey's room, closing the door behind her. Despite my crushing sense of shame, I simply couldn't delay any longer. Hurriedly, I yanked off my shoes without bothering to untie them and climbed from my bed onto the top of the dresser. Standing on tiptoes, I could see through the transom window down into the adjacent room. Aunt Betsy had seated herself on a straight backed wooden chair which she had pulled to the side of Audrey's writing desk and positioned with its back to the wall, sternly facing my squirming cousin. Audrey, who appeared to have stopped crying, stood with her back to me, her knuckles anxiously pressed against the seat of her green school jumper. "You knew the rules, young lady, and you disobeyed them," Aunt Betsy was saying with a frown. "I'm surprised at you! Eating a dirty old pear from a tree!"

    "We... washed them off first, Mommy, and-"

    Aunt Betsy silenced her with a wave of the hand. "You know better than that! What do you have to say for yourself?" Audrey hunched her shoulders and hung her head sadly, avoiding her mother's steely gaze. Several seconds passed, as Audrey fidgeted and bit her lip.

    "I'm... sorry... Mommy," she murmured in a meek, frightened little voice.

    "Well, I should certainly hope you are!"

    "I won't ever eat pears from the tree, Mommy! Ever, ever, ever!"

    "And are you going to eat between meal snacks without permission again?"

    "No-o-o!" pledged Audrey, fervently, "I never will I promise I won't!" Aunt Betsy's visage softened somewhat.

    "That's a good girl. I am glad you are promising not to disobey me in the future. But the fact remains, you have been a very naughty girl today and you will have to be punished. Now, come here and lie down across my lap."

    "P-p-please, Mommy!" stammered Audrey in desperation, her eyes filling, "I didn't mean it! I forgot! PLEASE give me another chance! I promise I-"

    "Audrey, come here at once... or do you want me to go downstairs and unpack the hairbrush?!"

    "No-o-o!" wailed Audrey in alarm, anxiously drawing her fingers to her lips just as she had done when I was in the tree. Still, she remained rooted to her spot on the carpet, worriedly shifting her weight from foot to foot.

    My aunt continued, "Then you had better come over here by the time I count to three, you naughty girl. One... two..." Audrey stepped hastily to Aunt Betsy's side and paused, seemingly torn between fear of obeying and fear of not obeying, while her mother regarded her with visibly mounting impatience. "Young lady!" snapped Aunt Betsy, "Do as you're told this instant or I will fetch the hairbrush!" Swallowing hard, Audrey stooped and climbed face down onto her mother's lap as the old chair creaked faintly from the additional weight. She was facing away from me her limbs hanging freely, fingers and toes just brushing the floor. Aunt Betsy shifted Audrey a bit further to the left to position her little rump directly across Aunt Betsy's right leg. Audrey turned her head back to look sidelong at her mother, her pretty face creased with anxiety. Aunt Betsy reached down and calmly drew the full skirt of Audrey's school uniform all the way up above her slender waist, revealing her lacey white slip underneath. Audrey whimpered softly while she felt this preparation being made. Her lips parted as if she was about to say something, but then changed her mind and kept silent. Aunt Betsy then raised Audrey's slip as well, leaving both skirts bunched up around her middle in back but still draped down the side of the chair in front.

    The transom window provided a clear view of Audrey stretched across her mother's lap, her skirts raised and her dark green cotton briefs snugly outlining the plump, rounded little hillocks of her bottom. My mouth was dry, and I trembled with suspense. It was just as I'd always imagined. In my fevered fantasies, little girls got spanked on the seats of  their panties with their dresses raised up to their waists. After all, wasn't that how "Little Iodine's" mother or father spanked her in the comic pages each Sunday? Aunt Betsy obviously wanted to make sure Audrey felt the spanks as keenly as Iodine always did. "I'm going to teach you a good lesson, young lady..." said Aunt Betsy, curtly, smoothing the skirts of Audrey's school uniform and slip further out of the way, "...a lesson you won't soon forget."

    "I've already learned my lesson, Mommy!" blurted Audrey, "so you don't have to spank me! Honest you don't!"

    "You were told to hush!" admonished Aunt Betsy, sternly, as she hooked her fingers under the stretchy waistband of Audrey's panties. With a couple sharp tugs she pulled them down until they were inside out around Audrey's upper thighs, exposing my cousin's naked backside. The creamy skin of Audrey's bottom looked so very soft and sensitive.  Her shapely little buttocks resembled two smoothly-rounded snowdrifts. My knees felt weak and my jaw dropped. It had never occurred to me that some children might be spanked on their bare behinds. Audrey, on the other hand, seemed all too familiar with this method, and with a little moan of dread, she turned her head still further back to look upwards over her shoulder at her mother, her imploring eyes beseeching a last minute pardon. But Aunt Betsy gave no notice, as she placed her left arm firmly across Audrey's back and her hand just above the disheveled heap of her skirts, and raised her right hand in the air.

    "Please don't spank me, Mommy," blurted Audrey in a sobbing voice, unable to contain herself any longer, "Please don't-"

    "You knew it was against the rules to eat between meals without permission!" scolded Aunt Betsy, "and you disobeyed!" Without a moment's pause, she gave Audrey's bottom a swift, resounding slap. Audrey let out a cry of distress as her mother lifted her palm skyward once again. "And now I come home and find you eating filthy fruit from that dirty old tree in the yard." SMACK! went my aunt's open hand once again across Audrey's tender buttocks, which quivered from the impact. Audrey cried out a second time, with greater urgency, as Aunt Betsy paused, perhaps contemplating Audrey's misbehavior.

    "P-p-please M-Mommee," blubbered Audrey after catching her breath, "please don't spank me! I'm SOR-REEE!"

    "I should certainly hope you are sorry, young lady!" replied Aunt Betsy in clipped tones and gave Audrey's backside three more hard spanks in swift succession. This time Audrey let out a long wail of pain, and squeezed her buttocks together for a few seconds, as Aunt Betsy paused again, frowning. Had she decided Audrey'd had enough? Would she stop spanking her now? I thought perhaps she would, as several moments passed while Audrey squirmed on her mother's lap and cried from the sting. As her cries subsided to soft, mournful sobs, I noticed that the pale white skin of Audrey's seat had begun to show faint delicate pink marks from the spanks. "Are you going to disobey me again and eat between meals?"

    "No-o-o, Mom-my!" Audrey responded, tearfully, shaking her head frantically from side to side as she looked back at her mother, who was raising her open hand once more. Smack! Smack! Smack! SMACK!� went Aunt Betsy's palm against Audrey's soft bare skin. The crisp, piercing crack of palm against flesh reverberated off the walls and ceiling. As the spanks rained down, Audrey cried out anew. Once again, Aunt Betsy paused and allowed Audrey to cry for awhile until she had quieted down enough hear her mother speak. "Are you going to do what I tell you to do, or..." her voice hardened, "...what your cousin Steven tells you to do?"

    "What you tell me, Mommy! What you tell me!"

    Smack! Smack! Smack! SMACK! SMACK!� Audrey burst into tears once more, her little body squirming from the smarting sting as my aunt firmly slapped her little fanny several more times. It took longer for Audrey to quiet down this time. As she cried and sobbed, her backside took on a more mottled pink appearance. "Are you going to eat fruit from that dirty old tree again?"

    "No-o-o, Mommy! No-o-o!" blubbered my cousin miserably. Aunt Betsy pursed her lips and slid Audrey's skirts a little further to one side to get a firmer grip on my cousin's waist. Taking a deep breath, she gave Audrey's bottom a crisp, hard slap, and then another, and another. Audrey gasped for air and began to cry harder than ever as her mother swatted her soft jiggly little buttocks again and again and again. I thought she would stop after just a few smacks, but she didn't. My legs began to tire from standing on tip toes for so long, but I didn't want to miss a single moment. For half a minute or more, the only sounds from the room were Audrey's sorrowful shrieks and wails, and the brisk rhythmic smacks of Aunt Betsy's open hand against Audrey's backside. The spanks came about a second apart, and for the first dozen or so, Audrey cried a little more urgently after each one until she was shaking with sobs and fitfully kicking her legs in pain, causing her panties to slip further down. After this point, Aunt Betsy slowed the pace of her swats, maintaining the smarting sensation at a constant level, but still making every swat count. Obviously a skilled spanker, with a tireless arm strong from countless tennis volleys, her slaps where swift and sure. She spanked my poor little cousin with a confident, practiced hand ­­ a hand which had clearly administered this particular form of discipline to this particular pair of buttocks on many occasions.

    After she had given Audrey over two dozen spanks, Aunt Betsy paused and rubbed her palm on her hip, looking down at my cousin who was still crying unabated across her lap. Audrey's left shoe had slipped off, her right kneesock was coming down, and the summits of both her buttocks were solidly pink where her mother had been spanking her. Aunt Betsy frowned to herself as if deliberating some question in her mind while continuing to rub sensation back into her palm. As the seconds ticked by, Audrey's tears diminished slightly, and she sobbingly attempting to gasp something to Aunt Betsy.  But all I could make out were the words "Mommy!" and "Please!"   Audrey's bottom grew redder as the moments passed, now looking as if she had somehow gotten a bad sunburn on that one place.  Then to my dismay, Aunt Betsy sat up straighter, raised her right hand high, and began once again to spank the blushing cheeks of Audrey's  behind. As the blistering slaps resumed, Audrey's body stiffened, squirmed, and she then immediately burst into howling, tearful wails as loud as before. Aunt Betsy frowned in concentration as she delivered smack after scorching smack to my cousin's plump little backside, which by now darkened to an even deeper pastel red. Aunt Betsy's hand moved in a smooth, graceful arc.  And with punitive precision each spank impacted Audrey's inflamed bottom, which trembled and shuddered with every slap.

    My legs ached from standing on tiptoes.   But my heart ached worse for my sweet little cousin. How cruel Aunt Betsy was! Would she never stop?? And all this just for eating a pear!! Couldn't Aunt Betsy hear how much she was hurting Audrey?  Somehow, some way, I was going to get back at my Aunt Betsy for the way she'd treated the both of us. And still the punishment continued. Audrey was crying and sobbing loudly, her bottom beet-red, her face flushed, with copious tears spilling down from behind tightly clenched eyelids. But even her shrillest wails of pain could not drown out the sharp, piercing WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! of palm against bottom as her mother continued to punish her. Despite her distress, Audrey made no effort to shield her buttocks or to escape, exhibiting the submissive conduct her mother obviously insisted upon during a spanking.

    At last, Aunt Betsy decided Audrey had been punished enough. Audrey continued to cry across her mother's lap with her panties down for another couple of minutes before Aunt Betsy pulled her briefs back up again, lowered her skirts and carried her over to her bed. Audrey, lying on her side curled up into a ball, was still weeping and sniffling, but not as frantically as she had earlier.

    From downstairs I heard my mother call "Bet-sy... Au-drey... Ste-ven... supperti-i-me." "Co-ming" called Aunt Betsy in reply, loud enough to be heard through the closed door. I didn't say anything, not wanting anyone to know I had been in my room during Audrey's spanking. Audrey appeared not to hear, as she lay on her side on the bed tightly clutching her Raggedy Ann doll. Seeing that tears had mostly abated, Aunt Betsy said, "As part of your punishment you will go to bed without supper tonight." She cut off Audrey's protests with a curt wave of her finger and continued, "I expect you to wash up, brush your teeth, brush your hair and be in your nightie by the time dinner is over. I'll come upstairs then and tuck you in. Is that understood?" Audrey sadly nodded her head, and without further ado Aunt Betsy arose and went downstairs.

    Feeling drained and exhausted, I quietly climbed down onto my bed, lay down. A wonderful feeling of relief coursed through my lower legs as they finally got to relax. Closing my eyes, I became Superman, flying through Audrey's bedroom window in a shower of shattering glass, and snatching the luckless little girl from off her mother's lap. "You will never spank this child again, you old witch!" I proclaimed, my red cape rippling in the breeze, as Aunt Betsy shrank back in helpless amazement before the Man of Steel.  Sitting the astonished Audrey on her bedside, I turned to Aunt Betsy.  "Now let's see how YOU like it!" I thundered, pulling the astonished woman across my mighty muscled lap, tucking up her dress and lowering her nylon hose and panties with lightning speed. She cried out with mortified indignation at suddenly finding herself across the lap of a superhero, her broad, shapely buttocks exposed to his gaze. Of course, she struggled hard to escape her fate, but she was no match for my super strength, and I mastered her with disdainful ease. Audrey looked on in wonderment, mouth agape, as I began to swat her mother's bare backside in a hard, driving rhythm, alternating from one cheek to the other until every inch of her bottom was a red as Audrey's. After receiving a several dozen solid spanks of my invulnerable palm on the broad, firm cheeks of her bare, upturned buttocks, every trace of Aunt Betsy's proud, haughty demeanor had vanished. Instead, she was kicking her legs, bawling, and begging for pardon, just like a small child. Then, I gathered the awestruck Audrey in my arms and with an "up... up... and awa-a-y!" leaped back out her window and flew her  to my secret hideout underneath the North Pole where grownups could never find us and we could eat all the pears we wanted.

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