A Note From Miss Parker

By HandPrince

In year Nineteen Sixty, Deb Jenkins, (aged nine),

Brought home to her mother a school note to sign.

"I'm so sorry mommy! I'm doing my best!"
"By copying answers while taking a test?!?!"

"I'm already punished!" young Deborah stressed,
"I handed the office Miss Parker's request

That while all my friends were enjoying recess,
I get paddle swats on the seat of my dress!!!"

So while all the other kids played in the yard
The principal gave me three swats, very hard!

Said Mommy to Debby, "That couldn't have hurt
You're wearing three petticoats under your skirt!

Come here!" said her mother, and pulled up a chair,
"You're getting spanked proper - on your derriere!"

"The principal spanked me!" "Still, you know the rule
A spanking at home for each spanking at school!

I aim to make sure there will be no repeats
Of Miss Parker telling us: 'Deborah cheats!'"

"It really hurt Mommy!"  "Not through that outfit.
You're going to be spanked on the place where you sit!

Get over my lap," Mommy ordered, "Come here!"
"Don't spank me! Please, Mommy!" Deb stammered in fear,

"I never will copy from Mary again!
I've learned that already! I don't need more pain!"

"I'll judge what you need," Debby's mother then snapped,
"Enough of your nonsense. Get over my lap!"

Reluctantly Deb laid across Mommy's knee
(First lifting her skirt and her petticoats, three,

Above her small waist to reveal to Mom's eyes
Deb's panty-clad bottom and slender bare thighs.)

"Not too hard please, Mommy!" Deb then did implore.
"When I'm done young lady you're going to be sore!

Your father and I are not raising a sneak.
For cheating at school you won't sit for a week!"

"Please Mommy, just spank me on my underwear!"
"You've been a bad girl who'll be spanked on the bare!"

Mom tugged down Deb's panties while her daughter cried,
"I'll be good! I will!" as mom bared her backside.

"Young lady," said Mommy, "Can you tell me why
You soon will be spanked?" Debby started to cry,

"I copied from Mary," wept Debby, contrite.
(Mom noticed her child's two round buttocks were white,

As Mommy had reckoned, the principal's "swats"
Had failed to leave even the faintest pink spots.)

A mother's chastisement Deb needed instead.
The kind which would leave her pale skin cherry red!

Mom lifted her palm and began to bombard
Deb's soft rounded bottom with spanks crisp and hard.

"Ouch! OW!" Debbie wailed as each slap left its mark
Inflicted by Deborah's stern matriarch.

Deb gasped very deeply and broke into tears
As Mom slapped Deb's two swiftly-reddening rears.

Deb wriggled and squirmed as her spanking rained down.
Mom held her more tightly in place, with a frown

Determined to give Deb the spanking she'd earned
So she'd not forget how her bottom now burned

If ever Deb thought about cheating again
She'd forgo temptation, rememb'ring the pain

Of  when Mommy spanked Debby's naughty bare seat
And how Deb had bawled, cried, and wailed from the heat.

While smack after smack struck Deb's bare sitting place
And salty tears dampened her angelic face

Mom firmly resolved to be thoroughly strict
And not to show mercy until she had licked

All trace of rebellion from Deborah's heart
By causing her nine year old bottom to smart.

So Mommy pinned Deborah over her lap
As Deb's buttocks shuddered with each stinging slap,

Mom turned a deaf ear to her child's cries and shrieks
While smacking her little girl's blushing red cheeks.

When Mommy's palm stung from her discipline dose.
She chose then bring Debbie's spanks to a close.

With three more sound smacks (extra hard for good measure)
Mom finally ceased to chastise her young treasure.

As Deborah bawled, with tears wetting her face,
Mom pulled her child's panties back up into place.

Then smoothed down Deb's skirt and her petticoats, three,
And lifted her child up to sit at Mom's knee.

Deb still cried quite hard (as you surely have guessed)
So Mom hugged her little girl close to her breast

And rocked her and soothed as Mom patiently waited
Until her child's hiccups and sobs had abated.

And when Debbie's tears had gone quiet at last,
"Have you learned your lesson, Young lady?" Mom asked.

"Yes Mommy, I did," Debbie meekly replied,
"I know it was naughty for me to have tried

To let Mary help me... but she was afraid
That I would be spanked if I got a bad grade!"

"Indeed you would, darling. But don't ever cheat.
You'll earn twice the number of swats to your seat

You'd get if you merely brought home a bad grade.
(Because when you should have been stud'ying, you played.)

Now Deborah, off to the corner with you.
And I shall decide when your time-out is through."

Deb slowly stood up but then gasped from the shock,
Surprised by Mom's swat on the seat of her frock.

The corner! Right now! Don't you dawdle!" said she,
Or should Mommy turn you back over her knee??"

Yes ma'am... I mean no!" Debbie quickly replied,
She rushed to the corner and swallowed her pride

As into its two walls her tear-stained face pressed
(While both of her hands clutched the seat of her dress.)

For several long minutes Mom gave Debbie time
To ponder the painful results of her crime

(Uncovered by Miss Parker's sharp-eyed detection
Resulting in Mommy's old-fashioned correction.)

Once Mom had imagined her little girl's mind
(Who stood in the corner and rubbed her behind)

Must surely have realized the risk was too scary
To ever again copy answers from Mary.

Must surely have learned that an easy high grade
Was not worth the price her bare bottom had paid
Must surely by now have been fully persuaded
To study, (and know all the answers unaided!)

Your corner time's over," Deb's mother did say.
Do I have permission to go out and play?"

You don't! On this paper you'll write Mommy lines,
'I won't cheat again' fully one hundred times."

That's bo-ring!" Deb sulked in her whiniest voice.

"Or Mommy can spank you again. Take your choice.

You can be spanked twice, Dear. Don't think you're immune.
And this time I'll use Grandma's old wooden spoon.

The same one she spanked me with back in the day
When I was your age and I didn't obey.

So Deb wrote her lines, to her Mom's satisfaction,
And Mommy forgave Debby's schoolroom infraction.

That night in her nightgown Deb knelt by her bed.
While Mom sat and listened, Deb clasped hands and said,

Bless Mommy and Daddy and my sister Sue,
Bless Grandma and Grandpa and Miss Parker, too.

God bless all my friends, and please bless Mary double.
For showing her answers to me, she's in trouble.

Miss Parker wrote Mary a note of her own
For her to get signed by her Daddy at home.

She just meant to help me,
" prayed Deb as she knelt,
Please don't let her Daddy give Mary the belt!"

Deb's "amen" completed she started to rise
But suddenly noticed the look in Mom's eyes

Resuming her place on her bedtime-prayer spot
Deb prayed out the words that her mother had taught

That Deb must recite at her bedside on days
When Mommy's firm hand set Deb's bottom ablaze

Dear God up in Heaven your De-bor-ah thanks Thee
For blessing my life with a Mommy who spanks me!

I'm sorry I wasn't a good girl today.
Please make Mommy spank me whenever I stray!

Fill my heart with wisdom from your throne above me,
To know I get spankings because Mommy loves me!

Next morning Mom helped Debby on with her coat
And into its pocket she slipped the signed note.

Deb thought on her school bus of what had transpired
  And how very badly her plan had backfired.

"I've now learned my lesson," young Deborah thought,

"The next time I copy, I mustn't get caught!"


(c) Handprints, 2018
For permission to repost write to handprince at excite dot com or handprince at hush dot com

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