Cannibal Khan #1
(Handprints Drawings Gallery #88)


OTK Hairbrush Bad News Turns Worse Mess Home Run Playing With Knives

Party Dress Caught With Cigarettes Cheaters Busted Neighbor's Report Past Bedtime

Cannibal Khan writes: 

           "These are mostly digital images. The numbers preceeding the titles indicate the order in which I finished the drawings. #1,2 & 3 were originally done in colored pencil (#1 was even on lined paper!), but later on I scanned them in and touched up the color digitally. All the rest started as B&W pencil line drawings on plain old printer paper. I scanned them in, then colorized them using a combination of ArcSoft PhotoImpression 4 (which came with my copy of XP) and Paint. PhotoImpression allows me to put a limited number of patterns in, I'm still experimenting with that tool. Cleaning up the image takes the most time, getting rid of the black lines and digital "noise." Last, I do the details like faces and hair, all on the computer.

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