When I Was Just A Little Girl

 By 'No One Special'

In-text illustrations by Rude Rumps
Soundfile read by "Stephie."

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When I was j
ust a little girl

Of six, or
eight, or ten,
And got myself in trouble
(Which I did do, now and then)
My Mommy would admonish me
Then take me by my hand,
And put me down across her lap
To get my bottom tanned!

She'd make me lift my skirt in back
Because that way I'd show
I knew my spanking was deserved,
(It always was, I know)
Then next my little cotton briefs
She also would divest,
Because a bare skin spanking
Always disciplined me best.

And when I was as naughty
As a little girl can be,
(Like when I tore my Sunday dress
While climbing in a tree);
I'd get a special spanking,
With my panties down, you know,
Given with Mom's wooden hairbrush;
Gosh, that made my backside glow!

As Mommy's hairbrush smacked me
On my sore and pink behind
I'd promise: "I'll be good, oh yes!"
"I'll really try to mind!"
"I won't be naughty Mommy, please!"
"Don't spank me any more!"
(But promises come easy
When your bottom's pink and sore!).

A week or two would pass
And I'd forget what I had said,
Forget how I had felt then
With my bottom sore and red.
Forget what I had promised,
All my begging, all my pleas;
And I'd find myself bare bottom
Once again 'cross Mommy's knees.

If I thought a hairbrush spanking
Was a fate I soon would know,
I would beg and plead for mercy
Of course, it made no diff'rence
What I said or what I did;
She'd have me with my panties down
A howling, well-spanked kid.

My Mommy's spankings really stung,
They always made me cry;
But looking back these many years
There's no way to deny
That even though they hurt a lot
I'm so glad that I got'em.
'Cause Mommy taught me right from wrong
By spanking my bare bottom!

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 This is fiction. Please don't discipline
your children this way.

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