Rhiannon's Bedtime
By HandPrince

"Brush your teeth and put on your pajamas," Mommy said.
"UH UH!" cried young Rhiannon, "I don't WANNA to go to bed!"

"I'm warning you, young lady, don't you take that tone with me.
If you don't do as you've been told I'll turn you 'cross my knee!"

"NO FAIR!" the little girl exclaimed.  She stamped her foot and pouted.
"I'm having too much fun!  You're mean!  I won't!" Rhiannon shouted.

"I'll  show you just how 'mean' I am," Mom said, "Come over here!"
(Rhiannon gasped and pasted both her hands across her rear!)

"I warned you," Mommy scolded, "But you still refused to mind,
That's why I'm going to spank you on your panty-clad behind."

"NO!NO!NO!NO!" Rhiannon cried, "Don't spank me, Mommy!  Please!
I'm sorry! Now I'll brush my teeth!  Don't turn me 'cross your knees!"

"Rhiannon Dear, come over here this instant," Mommy warned,
"Your mother is to be obeyed, young lady, never scorned."

"Please PLEASE give me another chance!  I  promise to be good!
I'll  never sass or disobey!  I'll do the things I should!"

"COME OVER HERE YOUNG LADY.  Don't you make me leave this chair!
For if I do, your spanking will be given on the bare!"

"Please, one more chance!  I'm sorry!" Still, Rhiannon stood her ground.
"I'll  never misbehave again!" But Mommy merely frowned,

Then stood and strode across the room and caught her daughter. "Please!
Don't spank me with my panties pulled down halfway to my knees!"

"That's just what I am going to do, young lady, come with me."
"Please do it with my panties onnnn!" But Mom ignored her plea,

And led Rhiannon to the chair, sat down and faced her child.
"I will not tolerate you sassing me or running wild.

You're going to be punished, Dear.  Can you tell Mommy why?"
"I d-d-disobeyed," she whimpered, then began to cry.

"You'll really cry, Rhiannon, while your bare behind I slap.
You've been a very naughty child.  Lie down across my lap!"

The little girl wept harder as she heard her mother scold.
But poor Rhiannon had no choice... and did as she was told.

Above her waist Mom tucked Rhiannon's cotton dress and slip.
"From now on you'll think twice, my Dear, before you give me lip."

"Please NO!" Rhiannon wailed across her shoulder through her tears,
As Mommy tugged her panties past her nether hemispheres.

"I love you, Dear," Mom sadly sighed, "Far more than words can say.
That's why I  spank you each and every time you disobey!"

As Mommy spoke she pulled her daughter's cotton panties where
They left their owner's soft backside exposed to open air.

"Please Mommy, n-n-not too hard?" Rhiannon did implore.
"A good sound spanking," Mom replied, "is what  you have in store.

For childish disobedience requires discipline,
Be lovingly administered on sensitive bare skin

Of naughty little bottoms, 'til their owners understand.
Now let's begin," Mom added as she raised her open hand,

And smacked Rhiannon's tender orbs, then held her palm on high,
And smacked some more until her child began to 'really cry.'

Her little girl had misbehaved and now was in disgrace
Receiving a good paddling on her special "sitting place."

But Mommy wasn't finished, no. Although it broke her heart
To slap that pair of buttocks bare and cause them both to smart.

Rhiannon's Mommy fully meant to carry out her threat,
To give her child a blistering she wouldn't soon forget.

And so Mom held Rhiannon tight in case she tried to flee,
From well-deserved chastisement, bent across her mother's knee.

Between the smacks and crying, oh it made an awful din!
While Mommy's palmprints sizzled poor Rhiannon's pearly skin,

Rhiannon kicked her little feet and loudly she did wail,
As Mommy slapped and slapped and slapped her stinging, reddening tail.


At last Mom deemed her willful child sufficiently chastised,
And slipped Rhiannon's panties back above her creamy thighs,

To hide her rosy bottom cheeks, and then smoothed down her skirt,
But still Rhiannon sobbed and wailed - oh how her bottom hurt!

The child felt Mommy lift her up and sit her on her lap,
To hold and soothe her darling girl after many a stinging slap.

A minute, then two minutes more Mom's well-spanked daughter cried
On Mommy's lap in Mommy's arms until her tears had dried.

"It's past your bedtime, Darling, will you now do as I say,
And wash and change and brush your teeth, instead of disobey?"

"I will Mommy," she whispered and then trotted up the stair,
To change into her nightie, wash her face and brush her hair.

But as Rhiannon climbed the steps she reached her hand to press
Against her tingling bottom 'neath her floral patterned dress.

Obedient Rhiannon washed and brushed and climbed in bed
To wait for Mommy's tucking in, and a kiss on her forehead.

For though she'd been a naughty girl instead of being nice,
Rhiannon knew her slate was clean.  She'd fully paid the price.

A good old-fashioned spanking given on her bare behind,
Had settled all accounts and taught one little girl to mind.

And mind she did, 'as good as gold' she acted for a time...
Until next Thursday when she... Ah! but that's another rhyme! 

(c) Handprince 2001

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