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Spanking Art of Alan Lawrence (aka ArtBoy62)
Handprints Spanking Drawings Gallery #181



Spanking merry go round 1925
2 birthday spankings
Bad girl position 1936
Bad seed spanking
Big sister panty spanks


Big sister spanking
Caned on her school knickers
Detective tactics 1936
Discipline 1930's style
Moderate spanking mum 1955


Severe sister 1925
The cane 1936
Traditional mother
Twins tanned 1935
A spanking


Double standards 1925
Modern spanking parent
Mother knows best 1975
Patricia's paddling 1935
Spanking school  12  1975


 The dreaded slipper  1925
Mother's warning 1935
Spanking School-6 1955
Invitation to a spanking


   The artist has requested that the following disclaimer appear in his gallery:

   "'Download any image in this gallery for private, non-profit use by all means. But please do not use them inside any commercial pay site business, unless an agreed fee has been paid to the copyright owner: Alan Lawrence."






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