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What's  New?

By HandPrince  (AI-generated, not a photo) *

* This image was created on Deviant Art's associated "DreamUp" AI-image generator.  When I placed it in my Deviant Art gallery, Deviant Art deleted my entire account (which I've had for >13 years) and told me that my ban was permanent and that I would not be permitted to appeal this permanent ban or explain my side of the story.  They wrote:

"Underage characters are subject to additional restrictions and may not be depicted in any posts involving sexual or erotic themes, nudity, or fetish-related themes or content.  This suspension is not eligible for appeal."

What I find surreal about this whole affair is the fact that there are AI-generated images on Deviant Art depicting underage-looking characters actually being spanked, sometimes with nudity.  Why Deviant Art singled out this fully-clothed, non-explicit, non-sexual image for a permanent ban with no due process  escapes me.

     For over a decade, Deviant Art has been a major source for Handprints images, and a means through which I communicate with artists.  If you have enjoyed Handprints, please take a few moments and send a polite email to [email protected].  Ask them to please reconsider their permanent ban on the account.  Note the non-pornographic nature of the image in question, the fact that it doesn't involve a real child, along with it's generally light-hearted, humorous nature.  Ask them at the very least, to permit HandPrince to appeal their ban decision if they can't be persuaded to lift the ban forthwith. 

     Please!  This means you.  Don't just sit passively waiting for others to act!

     Thank you!  Thousands of people visit Handprints every week.  If just 0.1% of us send emails, we might be able to get this ban lifted, to everyone's mutual benefit.



May 25, 2024

The Guestbook will become read-only at the end of this month, and disappear entirely at the end of next month due to 123Guestbook shutting down its service.

As an alternative, Handprints now has a brand spanking new  forum.

May 23, 2024

Fifty new images in Drawings Gallery #273.                                     

March 18, 2024

    There are now seventeen chapters to "Edith's New Governess."

Chapter One.
Chapter Two.
Chapter Three.

Chapter Four.
Chapter Five
Chapter Six.
Chapter Seven.

Chapter Eight.
Chapter Nine.
Chapter Ten.

Chapter Eleven.
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen.
Chapter Fourteen.
Chapter Fifteen