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Please  sign the Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page Guestbook.  Criticisms are as welcome as compliments.   Hate speech, ad hominem flaming and threats, however, are subject to removal.   Also, please don't describe how your spank your real-life children.  This guestbook is rated PG, so please refrain from using obscene language.  Personal ads are also discouraged, especially the "I'm a nawty 12 yeer old gurl pleeze email me" sort of thing.

If you are a regular viewer of Handprints, what is your absolutely favorite image, story or gallery?  Tell us!  Also, please tell us as much about yourself as you are comfortable telling.  How old were you when you first knew you had a special fascination with the subject of spanking?  Do any of the images or stories bring back any childhood memories you would like to share?  (Don't worry, no one will fault you for going into too much detail!)  And of course, if you have a website you believe Handprints fans would enjoy, please post the link.  (Please, no links to photos or videos of actual minors being nonconsensually spanked, though).

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