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Thespankerau writes:

  I use a free software application called Daz Studio to make my spanking art. I always use the dforce simulation engine to get clothes to look natural plus I use the Mesh Grabber Plug-in to help with Poke-Through. In most cases I use the Gen 8 characters, but on the odd occassion I go for a Gen 8.1 character. The characters I use the most are:

  • Iska for Gen 8 Female
  • Teen & Tween Ruby for Gen 8 Female
  • Libby for Gen 8 Female
  • Patty for Gen 8 Female
  • Calvin for Gen 8 Male
  • Tate for Gen 8 Male
  • Old Bloke for Gen 8 Male
  • Tween Markus for Gen 8 Male

  Other Plug-ins I use are Love Taps for Gen 8 Female, Tears HD and Growing Up for Gen 8 Male & Female.

  There's many great hairstyles available but the one's I tend to use most are:

  • Dallas Pigtails Hair for Gen 8 Female (it's very natural looking and great for the schoolgirl characters)
  • Walther Tousled Hair for Gen 8 Male
  • Jackie Hair for Gen 8 Female (This comes with a hat and face net but I usually remove those by reducing their opacity in the Surfaces Tab)
  • Daiosa Hair for Gen 8 Female (very curly).

  I make most of my own textures, using Windows Paint for solid colours and Photoshop for patterns and I access them through the Surface tabs in Daz and apply them to the item I'm working on.

  Rendering is one of those areas where it depends on the circumstances and the result I'm trying to achieve. If I, or a client, is looking for the cleanest most detailed result, then I opt for the iRay Render, but there is a downside, iRay Renders can take very long periods of time to complete e.g. a single image can take 30 - 60 mins to render whilst an animation can take 30 - 70 hrs, depending on it's size. If I'm looking for high output with a decent result, then I opt for the Filament Render. Filament Renders are very quick e.g. an image can be rendered within seconds and an animation within a few minutes. In comparison to an iRay Render, a Filament Render will result in a loss in quality, but in most cases, not that much that it justifies the difference in time to produce.

  Finally, I'll usually take my images into Photoshop for those finishing touches.















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