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Posted by HandPrince:

Before I ever started the Handprints site, I went to New York City for a personal consultation with a first amendment lawyer who specialized in defending people accused of violating the chi1d p0rnography statutes. I wanted to make sure the website I envisioned would be entirely within the law. What he told me was "chi1d p0rnography is any photographic material which a prosecutor can successfully convince a jury is chi1d p0rnography." Paintings and drawings, on the other hand, are legal unless a prosecutor can prove they are "obscene," which is far more difficult and is impossible in cases where the image has redeeming artistic value of any sort.

Photos of children in bathing suits playing on the beach DO qualify as child porn if the prosecutor can convince a jury that you find them erotic, especially if the images focus on the children's clothed bottoms or pubic area. That means that if you download a family photo of a child in a bathing suit jumping over a wave at the beach, and then crop it so that her buttocks outlined under her bathing suit fill the picture, that makes it potentially prosecutable as child porn. In the United States versus Knox (1994) the US Supreme Court upheld a standard of "chi1d p0rnography" which includes images in which minors not only are not engaged in sexually explicit activity, but aren't even nude. Mr. Knox ordered a video through the mail featuring 10-17 year old girls in underwear, bathing suits and leotards dancing, with the camera zooming in on the area of their clothing which covered their genital areas. Knox got several years in prison for this non-nude, non-sexual video. He thought the video was legal. A prosecutor convinced a jury otherwise and Knox went to prison as a result.

"Chi1d p0rnography," under US law, means "photographic depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct." Title 18 U.S.C. - 2256 defines "minor" as anyone under 18 years of age, and defines "sexually explicit conduct" to include, "actual OR SIMULATED... sadistic or masochistic abuse." So a posed photo of an adult with a bare bottomed minor across their lap with their hand in the air as if preparing to administer the first spank WOULD qualify as child porn if the prosecutor can convince a jury that you find fantasies involving spanked minors erotic. Having a hard drive full of legal Handprints type drawings will be more than sufficient for a prosecutor establish that kind of interest on your part, even though the Handprints images themselves are completely legal.

Home movies of actual spankings of nonconsenting children totally qualify as child porn if you possess them and if you can be shown to have a fetish for that sort of thing. And "possession" can mean simply having a recoverable version of the picture or video in your browser's cache or temp folder even if you never actually took the step of saving a copy. Deleting such a file after you save it still leaves a copy on your computer for which you may potentially be prosecuted. Even if you overwrite the file with other data, forensic data recovery specialists can use statistical methods to go through your hard drive bit domain by bit domain and reconstruct the file and thus prove you once possessed it unless you overwrite it multiple times with random data using a file shredding program.

Back in the 70's there was a digest sized magazine which had only one issue. It was called "Child Discipline" and included stories, some 19th and 20th century juvenile spanking art, and a couple of photos of adults and children posing with the child over the adult's knee bottom bared as if for a spanking. Finding this was a revelation for me because it was the first proof I had that I wasn't the only person in the world who was "this way." But I threw away my copy many years ago to comply with a new possession law at my State level. Anyone who frequents the Handprints site who possesses material like that, either in hard copy form or on your hard drive is strongly advised to do likewise. Keep in mind that if you live in the USA, your State also has its own child porn statutes and in some cases they are even stricter than the Federal statutes.

If you have a spanking fetish and you so much as look at an online photo or video of even a posed pretend spanking of a real minor or even of someone who appears to be a real minor, you are putting yourself at risk not merely of imprisonment, but of imprisonment as a sadistic kiddie beating pervert whom the other prison inmates will want to jump in the shower and ram a shiv between your ribs the first chance they get. To survive your years behind bars, you may need to be in protective custody, which means "the hole," a prison within a prison, in which you can expect your food to be urinated in and laced with broken glass daily because everyone on staff will know which tray of food is going to that scumsucking dirtbag sadistic child porn lover in isolation cell #2. Do you think you could handle that for 5-10 years straight?

Anyone who tells you that a photo or video of a real or simulated spanking of a real minor is legal for fetishists to collect in the USA is either ignorant or lying and possibly a cop hoping to entrap you. If you value your freedom, stay way from such stuff. And if anyone contacts you to offer or ask about such material, assume them to be a cop and shun them. If you get anything like this in the mail, immediately hand it in to your local post office and fill out their form asking not to be sent such material in the future; it was almost certainly agents from the Postal Inspection Service who mailed it to you in the first place, not your fellow spankos, and if you hand it in and fill out the complaint form the Inspectors will cross you off their list and focus on entrapping some other poor sucker rather than you. Stick to drawings and cartoons and fiction. Your fetish isn't worth dying in prison for.

And I would appreciate it if everyone would please not post links in the Handprints Guestbook leading to sites with home movies or homemade photos of child spankings. Aside from the legal jeopardy of viewing such material, there is also the moral and ethical issue of supporting the exploitation of a child for the delectation of adult fetishists on the internet. Drawings, cartoons and fiction are free of this problem as well.

When I was a child, I felt awful when I knew my cute little sister was about to get a spanking. I wished it wasn't going to happen to her. But at the same time, I always felt an overwhelming driven urgent need to watch, or at least, to overhear. Afterwards, I felt like dirt. When I see links to sites with videos or photos of actual child spankings, I feel a twinge of that same urge today. But there is no way I am going to jail for this fetish of mine. And besides, I know that if I did succumb to temptation out of weakness and did view such a site, I would once again feel like dirt afterwards, at least if the photographic material was of real spankings. And even faked child spanking photos like the ones in "Child Discipline" leave a bad taste in my mouth aside from their illegality; I worry about the child, if she was forced into the photo session, if she will be telling therapists about it in 20 years, etc. Who needs that on your conscience?

By: Jean   

In the debate about what is legal and what is not, you have several aspects.

- First, you have public disgust of sexual minorities. A gay teacher and youth volleyball trainer got accused by parents of child abuse. My own volleyball club collected a hundred fifty two signatures of people who as a kid had been trained by him, testifying he had never done them wrong. He got cleared of all charges by the court. He lost his job, as a teacher has to be free of all suspicion and reasons can always be found or manufactured. He had to move out of the village to the anonymity of the city.
Moral: you don't have to do something illegal to be found disgusting. I don't know where you work, but be sure that if some drawings from this site are circulated, people will change their mind about you.

(That is actually happening with the SFR spanking site. Some postings may have been of bad taste, but I saw never anything wrong, not according to US or EU law. Public sites are governed by what the "moral majority" feels is appropriate.)

- Second, in all EU countries and likely Russia, private vids of children that are really spanked are illegal. There are three elements: giving a spanking, taping it and putting it on the internet. If you possess these, and are sexually excited by it, you are guilty of supporting violence against children. Don't fool yourself. The argument "i possess but one" is similar to the argument "i robbed but a single bank". It IS bad, and the spanking any judge of USA or EU will give you is truly deserved.

- And third, there is the large grey area in between... The law has always to be interpreted, but that interpretation is unlikely to be supportive, because of problem 1: people find you disgusting.

Grey areas are some youtube vids of play spankings, spankings taped by children for fun, etc. They have to lack sexual intent and be clearly innocent, but they can be used for sexual stimulation. If you have a website with dozens of these, I wish you good luck, but pray to have that good luck.

Grey areas are also virtual pornography, and for example Lee Warner drawings of the HP site may be considered illegal, after malevolent interpretation and in some EU countries. Lawyers and even some very decent journals protest against the concept of "virtual pornography", as it can be stretched to include the catalog of medieval paintings of the genitals of the child Jesus. Always remember, interpretation will not be benevolent.

You may put up a fight like HP, for freedom of thought and freedom of phantasies that are harmless to true children (who by the way are far more harmed by negligent education, McDonalds, too many screens and too little scratches, bumps and bruises from playing outside in their child life). But every society likes his witches to hunt.

By: Ellie

I have been fascinated by spankings since I was a kid. I only ever got spanked twice, maybe three times when I was very young, and I don't really remember much about those spankings, but for some reason when I was about 8 I realized that spankings excited me. My experiences are so similar to so many other accounts I've read. I used to look up "spank" in the dictionary and roll the words around in my head. I've put piles of pillows on the bed and bent over them, taken down my jeans and panties and spanked myself. I've trolled the internet for clips from old movies. I know, you've heard this all before. 

The reality is I don't actually want to be spanked, I just want to fantasize about it. Which is why I love this site so much. I love to look at the pictures, and write a little story surrounding it. Some of my favorite pictures to write stories about are the Cannibal Khan pictures, because I think he creates terrific scenarios. Some of my favorites are "Front Row Seat." I imagine the little brunette girl in the front row dreading getting such a spanking, but at the same time curious. In "Around the Corner", I imagine the girl in the green jumper dreading her spanking which is imminent, yet, she is quite excited listening to her sister being spanked. I think it's the conflicting emotions that grabs me so much.

Posted by Robbie:

I truly love this site ever since I came upon it awhile back looking for spanking material and return to it from time to time comforted that my proclivities are not that unique. I've been excited about spanking for as long as I can recall (heard that before?) and although I feared the realization of a spanking and never courted one I was always stimulated by the mere mention of one and never missed an opportunity to witness any (which were numerous in my life until I left home as a young adult).

We lost our birth mother when my twin Linda and I were five and my older sister Lorraine was eight/nine. Dad remarried within the year. Our lives experienced a culture shock from the first time we met Victoria. We were reared up to that time in a fairly permissive atmosphere Dad being a mush and Mom frail and weak and loving. We did pretty much what we wanted with minor constraints.

The first inkling that life was about to change was when she and dad were dating for awhile and planned a night out. She brought her daughter Beth (7) and had her younger sister (Aunt Patricia) stay over and sit for us. Dad gave his usual and benign admonishment "To be good and don't give Patricia any trouble."

It was then Victoria established herself in our lives and set the tone for the rest of our lives by establishing the ground rules. With a hand on a hip pose she said for our benefit, "You let me know who gives you any trouble and I'll see to it she or he will be a very, very sorry little girl or boy. Bedtime is eight o'clock."

Lorraine protested to dad who said, "OK. Nine o'clock, but no later."

Our future mother just glared at dad and at Lorraine and said, "Fine, but you'll be in your pajamas by eight! No discussion. Let's go."

Lorraine went on a tirade, saying out loud what we three felt. She wasn't our mother and how is she gonna make us sorry and... Patricia calmed Lorraine down by telling us how much Victoria cares for us and talked about us from the first time she met us and hopes we will be close in the future, like she knew something we didn't. She also said that she, Victoria, and all their sisters, were raised very strictly - and as Beth can tell you that's how Victoria is - very old fashioned - and if she tells you to do something you'd better do it.

Patricia joked with us a little but said something that set me off even at that age. "After supper I want everybody in their PJs."

"But it's not eight o'clock!" I sort of whined.

"Do you want me to get the paddle and put you across my knee and report to Victoria you didn't listen to me? You won't sit comfortably for a week," she added, sort of jokingly.

I gulped and had a feeling I couldn't explain. "No," I weakly replied.

"Good we're all on the same page," I remember her saying.

Patricia actually let Lorraine stay up and keep her company but we younger ones were sent up at eight with no argument. I tip toed into Linda's room where Beth was and started asking questions: if she was spanked, and if it hurt alot. Beth said her mother was strict and she had lots of rules to follow but Victoria wasn't mean and Beth only got punished when she was bad and didn't listen. I asked her how she was spanked and she told us she usually got it on her panties.  But if she was very bad or did the same thing again she got it "panties down." I wanted to ask a whole lot more but Aunt Patty came in and asked what I was doing in the girl's room. When Beth said I just wanted to know about Mommy's spankings, our future aunt said, "If you're not asleep in ten minutes Robbie wouldn't need anybody to tell him about spankings.  You will all be getting a big one!" She took my hand and placed me back in bed with a final warning not to get out again.

In the morning we got up to Patricia making breakfast and telling us to be very quiet as Victoria and Dad came in very late. It was Saturday and there was morning TV. Lorraine said she wanted to visit her friend but Patricia said wait for Dad to get up she thinks he might have something to tell us. Lorraine sulked as usual and we the younger ones were told to keep it down a few times.

It was after 11:00 when dad and Victoria came out of the master bedroom. Dad gathered us together and said, "I have something terrific to tell you. I asked Vickie to marry me and she said yes, but only if she can be a real mother to Lorraine, Robert and Linda and I'll be a real father to Beth. We'll be a family again, a bigger and better one." Victoria then spoke and expressed her love for Dad and all of us as her wedding gift. We were stunned and nonplussed, but it was bound to happen anyway and we were kids.

Victoria moved in that week, a few things at a time, in advance of the wedding. She stated setting up the kitchen and hung up a message board on an entry wall. While we children were there, she took out a paddle with holes drilled in a pattern and was about to hang it from the message board when she patted her palm with it and told us, "Make no mistake. From this time forth, I'm the one in charge and if I have to repeat myself I'll give you something to think about!  The next time you have a problem listening, Beth knows already what I expect. Let's hope it just hangs here as a reminder!" My knees buckled I was hooked. Frightened and fascinated at the same time.

Lorraine was the first of us to find out first hand what Victoria was all about. Lorraine failed to come home after school, didn't call, and missed supper in the bargain. To compound her crimes, when our mother-to-be was questioning and berating her Lorraine was giving her attitude. The next words out of our future Mom's mouth were, "This is long overdue!"

She grabbed Lorraine by an arm turned her around and smacked the paddle hard several times, then dragged her to the master bed room slammed the door and all hell broke loose. It sounded like gun shots and my big sister was screaming from the beginning - making promises of better behavior and begging for it to stop. When she was led out of the room she was a sobbing, snot-dripping, wreck. She was without her school skirt - just in white panties and a blouse. She was made to face the wall in the den where from the back her panties appeared pink and her upper legs were a bright red. She was told to stand at attention, stop rubbing her bottom, and think about what just happened.

When Dad came home Victoria told him what Lorraine had done.  Lorraine cried to him that Victoria had no right doing this, but Dad said Victoria was in charge. I stayed free from mother's ire until after the wedding during an imposition form of grounding she called "in sight" where she has to have an eye on you at all times. So if she has to go shopping so do you. If you're told to stay put you had best do just that. I had wandered away and didn't respond to her calls. When she finally got ahold of me she pronounced sentence. I was going to learn to listen or else.

When we got home I was told to face the wall while she decided what she was going to do with me. After a short time she pulled out a chair and made me stand in front of her. She unbuckled my pants, pulled down my underpants, put me across her lap and spanked me until I was an incoherent sobbing sorry little boy. And that was just with her hand. I'd never want to experience the paddle. I was made to face the wall again with my bare red bottom on display, sincerely promising never to disobey her again. We were subject to mother's punishments until we were on our own. They were humiliating planned to be embarrassing and as we got older and not necessarily wiser it was adjusted accordingly.

Posted by HandPrince:

From "My World" by Rose Lintford. She was raised in Boston the daughter of a wealthy Banker.

  "Mother's bedroom faced the rear fields where despite being told never to go on my own I often explored without being seen. Sometimes I would lose myself in dreams of far away countries with strange people I would befriend. This particular day I was spotted by Mother from her room and she sent out a search party of our housekeeper, and one of the cooks. Once found I was sent to Mother's room still dreaming of faraway places.

"Mother was so upset and said I must go to my room while she decided how best to deal with me. I knew this would mean having to spend hours on my own considering my misconduct,or not being able to see my friends for several days. Mother had never resorted to spanking me. My two best friends had told me they got spanked and I remember a strange feeling of guilt why I had never been treated this way. I stood my ground and told Mother it was not fair that my punishments lasted so long while Susan and Linsay's were over and done with straight away. She asked me what on earth I meant. With just a little fear but a great deal of eight years of resolve I suggested a spanking was much more fair and just. I could not believe the shock on Mother's face. She paced the room leaving me standing there a little perplexed but a also keen to know my fate as soon as possible.

  "I had mixed emotions when Mother, after what seemed like hours, stated that if I had indeed felt badly treated by previous sanctions then because of the serious nature of my infraction then perhaps this one did deserve a spanking. She went into her dressing room and I watched as she selected an instrument to spank me with. She rejected one of her slippers after tapping her hand with it. Also found to be unsuitable were various other items including a rather large clothes brush and a silver backed hairbrush that must have been far to expensive to risk.

  "Looking even more concerned she came back into the room and said she truly hoped this would be the first and last time she ever had to spank me. Mother sat down on her chair and after putting me across her lap gave me a very sound spanking with the flat of her hand to what was I am sure as much effect to my bare bottom as any of the instruments she had rejected. I cried and was not sure if it was a good idea after all."

Posted by Somebody:

How the Shirley Temple spanking from "Wee Willie Winkie" was originally reported.

(The spanking scene does not exist in the versions we see today. It is unknown if the footage still exists, only a photograph has been found. This story ran in several newspapers.)

Uniontown, PA News Standard
Friday March 26, 1937
Page Nineteen

"Give Little Girl A Big Hand," Says Director; And Shirley Temple, The Starlet, Is Spanked!

Strong Men Wince As She Cries Out In Pain--"Ouch, Ouch!"

By Paul Harrison

NEA Service Staff Correspondent

HOLLYWOOD, March 26 -- Strong men stood tense, hands clenched, mouths grim. Women twisted their handkerchiefs, nervously patted at their lips, watched in awed fascination. Actress June Lang, her face a mask of almost desperate, resolution, raised an arm, brought it down smartly, palm first.


"Ouch!" yelped Shirley Temple.

The Wonder Tot was being spanked. It was an epochal moment in the history of the cinema. A block away, in his slick sanctum, Darryl Zanuck may have been pacing in a torment of apprehension. But no telephone tinkled on Stage 12. There was no reprieve.


It was a sound such as will be heard around the world. Probably it will shake the very foundations of celluloid idolatry.


What will the millions of mothers say?


What will the millions of children think?

Posted by Annemarie:

This is written from memories, a long time ago. It is dedicated as a gift to Cannibal Khan's narratives and fantasies. It is seen through the eyes of a young girl in the memory of a middle aged women with a strange interest in spanking since her birth. Nearly dead at birth, the gynecologist must have given me life by smacking my neonate bottom a little too hard. It is close to the truth as I remember it, but seconds looked like minutes, dozens like thousands and eager fantasies filled the holes. My parents were very strict, but actually not great in punishment. They just had a way to make us behave. What I remember most of my entire youth, was being a loved child in a warm nest.


I was 8, when the coldest winter of the twentieth century hit Europe. It is now close to 47 years ago. The first cold left a crust of ice over the waters, which had an irresistible attraction to me. I adored ice. Being a scrawny lightweight tomboy, I was tempted to try the ice, but living water is tricky. Suddenly, without warning, the ice cracked open and I fell in the water. It was frighteningly cold. The broken ice did not support me. Happily my father nearly drowned as a boy. He did not rest before his own children were able swimmers. Being the youngest, and having to face the competition of my older kin, I was already a very good swimmer with a strong leg stroke that brought me up the ice, but which did not support me. I swam up the ice, but as soon as I put weight on it, it broke. I had to cover the meters that separated me from the bank like an icebreaker.
Outside the water, it was terribly cold. In a state of self hypnosis I ran home in one long desperate run. Reaching the door, I nearly fainted from the cold, waiting till it opened.
My mother grabbed me in her arms, dripping all over her. She took me upstairs to the bathroom, where she struggled me out of my wet clothes, putting me under the warm shower and rubbing me hard with towels to get the blood streaming. I vividly remember seeing myself in the mirror, a strange blueish white girl with shattering teeth. After a while I started to thaw. I wished I could stay forever, but at the end mama rubbed me dry and warm. She asked thousand times how I felt, if everything was alright, if I was warm again. At the end, I had to admit: I felt glorious, all warm and tingling as after a sauna.
"So, then. Now my time has come. Come here, you naughty girl." She sat on the laundry box, and beckoned me over. While I was thawing in the shower, she had changed in dry clothes, brought along my pyjamas but also the wooden ruler she used when making clothes. I guessed, it was not to make clothes. I don't remember if she mentioned the spanking word, maybe not wanting to hear that. My mother had never spanked me before (discounting the single swat for the bottom), nor would she ever after. She goaded me between her legs, grabbed me by the middle and pulled me over her left knee. I was acutely aware that I was well dressed for a spanking. For a moment, I felt cosy, warm and safe under the arm of my mam.
It would be the first and last spanking by my mother, remembered for the rest of my life. She let the ruler dance over my seat with sharp flicks. At the ripe age of eight, I understood well why I was spanked. My mother lost a baby, a little girl, to that most horrible of fiends, cot death. You put a smiling, gurgling baby in bed, you find a little stiff corpse. It was nobody's fault, but any mother will always blame it on herself. I was the replacement kid... With considerable self restraint, she had not overprotected me, but now she was very upset. The old proverb goes, who loves well, spanks well. She loved me too much.
It went as "You naughty (!) naughty (!) naughty (!) girl (!). How (!) on earth (!) could you do (!) such a stupid (!) stupid (!) stupid (!) thing (!). You make (!) me mad (!) of fear (!). You could (!) have been killed (!) (!) (!). If (!) you (!) ever (!) ever (!) ever (!) even (!) think (!) about (!) repeating (!) such a stunt (!) you will not (!) sit down (!) for weeks (!).
That was the beginning.
I didn't want to cry, kick or protest. I wanted to face the music. I took the first smacks stoically and in total silence, which likely only inspired mother to hit harder. However, the ruler was but a light little wooden slat, undoubtedly handled with motherly care, but "on the bare bottom", it soon caused a surprisingly evil sting. My bottom got sorer at each stroke, and each stroke hurt more. Imagine your bottom aching from a bad sunburn in a too skimpy bikini bottom, and then getting that red, sunburned skin friendly but firmly slapped with a wooden ruler. Every second.
I had to make clear that I was a well spanked little girl and that I had learned my lesson, and please, mama, will you stop? But therefore, I had to open my mouth, while I desperately needed all my energy to keep control. Truly, I was tough, but with the increasing sting, the panic increased. My head seemed to grow bigger and bigger, redder and redder, till it exploded. I had to surrender.
By giving in, the stinging moved in a moment from painful into unbearable. The wood whipping now fiercely smarting buttocks, turned in a moment in a red hot iron pushing under my naked skin. My eyes had been filling with tears, but now the snot was filling my nose and my mouth opened for desperate howls, interspersed with sobbing pleas and promises to be good for ever and ever and ever and ever. I can not remember that that soon brought out a lot of compassion. At the contrary. Mama only grabbed me more firmly to keep my struggling bottom in the line of fire, and hit me even more vigorously, to teach me for once and for all how bad could be a good spanking. Another popular proverb goes: spank once, do it good, you won't need to spank twice. I do not suppose that the spanking took longer than a minute, even maybe not half a minute, but it seemed an eternity of raining painful strokes.

However, there was something liberating in crying hot tears. Is that strange? The ruler hurt, but half the pain was caused by deep guilt. I howled, but at least as much of sorrow. Being in the icy water, and running for my life had not make me shed a single tear. The cries released the stress and the tears washed away the deep fear. Be sure, I would have hated any other who would have done this to me with a burning, lifelong hate, but not mam or dad. Who loves hard, is allowed to spank hard.

When she released me, I grabbed my pajamas, not bothering to lose time to put them on fearing she might change her mind and give me some more. I still remember her eyes, not sad, not angry, certainly not regretful or even sympathetic, but with a little twinkle of pride?? Sometimes, a naughty kid had to feel it. There was nothing wrong or dangerous to that: it was just a fact of life. Being a tomboy and a very avid reader, heavily enjoying popular books of Indians and cavemen, my prided nickname was "little warrior girl". I admit 'captured little warrior girl' would have been a better description. From my tender youth, my preferred role was being caught, tied up, slightly manhandled and rescued by a young hero. The poor sod had to kiss me (a prudish peck, off course). I ran to my room, hoping not meeting one of my beloved brothers in my state of undress and with two tomato red buttocks.
There was a part two to this story. When releasing me, she shouted after my naked back running away: 'Wait till your father comes home, you naughty girl." In my wound up fantasy, that could only mean another spanking. As in most traditional families, dad was usually delivering corporal punishment. I had been spanked once by him, more than a year ago, when I had lied. He had asked me to do an errand, I had forgotten it, and instead of admitting that I had forgotten the errand, I just went on lying and lying till he lost his temper. He put his foot on the chair, dragged me over his knee, flipped my skirt up and gave me five or six of the very best ever given on my underpants. My dad was a big man, with arms like legs and hands like meaty shovels, and he had been very angry. It was so sudden, that even the worst pain came after I was already back on my feet again, but then I was really hopping around the room, my hands on my seat which felt as if I was skinned alive. I howled that I had been lying, and that I would never ever do it again. After hours in the corner (minutes, but patience was not my middle name), my dad, ashamed of his sudden outburst, hugged me in his big bear hug, stroking my hurt bottom now tenderly with his enormous paw and uttering something of an apology. I never forgot his words: a warrior girl is true, and admits when she has done wrong. I never lied again when he locked his grey blue eyes in mine and asked for the truth.

But then, at the ripe age of 8, I was having powerful spanking fantasies. They were not entirely unpleasant. I was dizzy of fear and high on adrenaline. On my belly in my bed, I had pushed my pyjamas down from my bottom, wriggling in my bed, fantasizing being spanked, on the bare bottom off course, pleading no daddy, no daddy. It can't have been anything sexual. I was nearly 15 when, till my great relieve, my body started to behave as that of grown up women.

When dad came home, fear prevailed. My bottom was still chafing unpleasantly, feeling all ridged and striped by the ruler. I could not stomach another spanking. But off course, my dad didn't spank me. He took me in his lap, let me explain how I fell in the ice, crawled out of it and ran home, his eyes full of pride in his little warrior girl. At the end, he asked, "Your mother gave you hell on your buttocks, didn't she?" I nodded. "Does it still hurt?" I nodded again, with conviction. It truly did. "Didn't you deserve it, did you?" I nodded, and I never forgot these last words. "A stupid act ruins your life, but also the lives of those who love you." And I sincerely hoped for that daddy's spanking, not too big and not too hard, just painful enough to shed again those few hot tears of sorrow.

[HandPrince replies: Thank you Annemarie, for posting your story! I find it intriguing that you were spanked so rarely, yet your mother was so severe with you on this occasion for something which, after all, was an accident. I think she was too hard on you and that the natural consequences of your actions were all the punishment you should have had.]

Annemarie to HandPrince: We were strictly educated, but at ages 6 or more spanking was the punishment of punishments and rarely but severely applied, certainly to girls.

I tried to explain why mother spanked me. It was no fair punishment: it was a "sweet revenge" for what I had done to her, for the fear I caused her, for the terror of losing another child. She was a sweet soul who rarely punished, but once she started, she found it difficult to stop. For reasons unknown, I was not angry, not at all (which I usually was when punished: punishment seemed always unfair...). I remember just this overwhelming feeling of great "sorriness".

[HandPrince replies: Thank you Annemarie for your reply. Well, I still think your mother was too hard on you. Even if I believed in spanking real life children, I don't think I would agree with doing it out of "sweet revenge" as opposed to discipline for the child.
You said once your mother started spanking she found it hard to stop. Was she disciplined differently as a child than you were? I wonder if once she started giving you a rare spanking something kicked in in her psyche and she reenacted what was once done to her(?)

Posted by Ellie:

Spanking (la fessee) in France

(an investigation of the UNION of the FAMILIES in EUROPE carried out into 2006/2007 among 685 grandparents, 856 parents and 776 children in France. (In French, results to be found on their website uniondesfamilles.org). A cartoon illustrates the survey with two parents and two children in our beloved interaction. The boy says: "Do you think they have got them?" The girl answers: "Surely not enough." (Note that dad is doing the boy and mother doing the girl) http://www.ouest-france.fr/La-fessee-est-toujours-pratiquee-et-admise/re/actuDet/actu_3639-476389-----_actu.html

The three generations all received spankings:
95% of the grandparents, 95% of the parents and
96% of the children.

The spankings came mainly from their parents.
52% of the grandparents (58% boys, 46% girls), 39% of the parents (50% boys, 27% girls) and 34% of the children (37% boys, 30% girls) have been spanked by a third party, at school, or other family members.
62% (grandparents), 64% (parents) and 55% (children) found that they were (largely) deserved (this increased to over 60% among older children).

7% of grandparents, 9% of parents and 9% children considered that they have been punished not enough, 34%, 25% et 22% too much. For more than 78% from the grandparents and 62% of the parents, the spankings they gave were (largely) deserved. A good spanking was adapted to the age of the child, had to hurt without being cruel, had to stop the mounting tension between child and adult and had to be an effective deterrent, in the sense that the need for more punishment declined after a spanking. All agreed that "a good spanking" had to be rare.

65% of the children consider that by spanking them, their parents seek to raise them. 35% think that parents also want to vent their anger in the punishment. 77% of the parents consider spanking educative, 28% admit also venting their anger.

64% of the children will raise their own children as they were, 22% less severe, 14% more severe (but 18% of older children would raise their children more severely). 26% of the children want more spankings in education (for the other, poorly educated children off course). Children that would be less severe in their education, would not ban all spanking, but would give less spankings on the bare bottom (many notes), not use the brush or martinet or limit the number of strokes.

27%, 34% and 37% of the grandparents, parents and children want to forbid spanking by law. But even these often want to make a difference between corporal punishment and "a spanking" (understood: by hand), which is not considered a corporal punishment. 


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The Washington Post, Feb 6, 1935

Author Urges Hair Brush for Children, Wielded While Angry

New York, Feb. 5 (AP) Sound spankings, preferably administered in a burst of anger still constitute the best form of child-training in the studied opinion of Mrs. John S. Reilly, socially prominent author and lecturer.

Herself the mother of seven, Mrs Reilly asserted she had examined the data of modern psychologists and child experts - and found them wanting. In addition to insisting on spankings, she added, the old-fashioned hair brush should remian a vital part of parents's equipment in rearing their children.

Without it being applied liberally, Mrs. Reilly said, children grow into "brats."

Modern Upbringing "Unfair"

"There is no age limit," she asserted. "Spanking is a good idea because it keeps children in touch with reality. Modern upbringing, in which children are allowed to do whatever they want, is very unfair to them."

Disagreeing with many child specialists, Mrs. Reilly advocates spankings administered "with a good, honest rage about them."

"I agree with Shaw," she observed, "that you should never spank except when in anger. Of course, I don't believe in brutal beatings, but spanking in the place the Lord meant for it, with a touch of zest, harms no child and does lots of good to most youngsters. Normal mothers can be trusted to spank without injuring their children.

She Practices System

"If you spank early enough, you establish your discipline and it continues of itself. there will be some outbreaks to be corrected later, but not as often."

By "early" Mrs. Reilly said she meant any time after a year and a half.

"It's the only language every child understands," she added.

The wife of a former Yale University baseball player, Mrs. Reilly is the mother of three boys and four girls ranging in age from 5 to 15 years. She rears them all upon the hairbrush.

"They're a happy, hearty, gay lot of children, too, and not a bit subdued," she said.

"There is a tendency today to spoil children, but I find lots of mothers who feel the same way I do about spanking. There is a large and fervent demand to get back to the old common sense."

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 In the pilot episode (1996) of the television series, "Poltergeist: The Legacy," among the major characters introduced are Dr. Rachel Corrigan, played by Helen Shaver:

...and her seven year old daughter, Kat, played by Alexandra Purvis:

For whatever reason, the writers lost very little time in letting viewers know that Dr. Corrigan, despite being a mental health professional, nevertheless believes in spankings as discipline for her daughter.

Early in the first episode, mother and daughter are in a graveyard in Ireland visiting the graves of Father and Son who both died in a car accident. While Mom Rachel is preoccupied, Daughter Kat believes she hears her brother's voice calling to her. (Actually it's an evil demonic spirit imprisoned in a box by Druids centuries ago, telepathically calling Kat from its box which is in a curio shop a block away from graveyard). Urgently heeding what she thinks is her dead brother's call, little Kat runs off without her mother's permission and heads straight into the curio shop.

When Rachel realizes Kat has vanished she frantically runs down the street calling Kat's name and discovers her daughter kneeling on the floor in front of the ancient locked box which has so fascinated and called to her. Rachel, nearly hysterical with worry, scolds Kat, and sounds just "this far" from promising her a spanking.

But Kat keeps talking in a sweet sad voice about her dead brother and about how the box reminds her of him, and one observes the spankable moment pass.

Rachel gives Kat a huge hug and holds her there while they exchange a couple more of lines. Rachel squeezes Kat harder and says, "I should put you right over my knee right now!" and although it is below camera view, one can hear a sharp little swat on Kat's bottom for emphasis. [O:24] In an nice bit of acting by actress Alexandra Purvis, Kat draws away from her mother's bosom just far enough to look askance at Rachel's facial expression as if to check and see if Mom really might do it, ('Mom's... just... SAYING that... right?'),

then returns to the full embrace after verifying that Mom wasn't really going to spank her right there in the store, and very likely not at all. So although there is no onscreen spanking, and although the "threat" is a very mild one, viewers are clearly supposed to get the idea that actual spankings of Kat by Rachel do occur. One gets the feeling that if Kat's character had been sassy instead of sweet and had said, "Oh yeah?? You wouldn't DARE!" Rachel's character might well have dared.

(In my fantasy outtake, Rachel marches Kat straight back to their hotel room and...) (Would any artists like to give this one a try?)

When I first saw this show on television, I was startled by a spanking reference on a program of such current vintage. I expected that the fact that viewers were being told that Dr. Rachel Corrigan believes in spanking her little daughter would turn out to have some later plot significance.

The pilot episode concludes, like far too many other episodes of this rather mediocre series, with off-screen fans blowing stuff around and characters shouting their lines at each other. In this instance, little Kat has the key to the box with the last of five demonic spirits who will plunge the world into everlasting Evil if it can be unlocked. Rachel is under the power of a demonic spirit who has made her think he is her dead husband, Kat's father. Rachel is screaming at Kat to hand over the key and when I first saw the program I thought to myself, "Ah! So here is where she threatens to spank Kat if her daughter doesn't do as she's told and hand over that key and plunge the world into everlasting Evil like a good girl." But to my puzzlement and disappointment, the threat was never made.

The writers unfortunately let an opportunity pass. Kat's reaction to such a threat - whether she submitted and handed over the key to her mother, or defiantly refused - would have "built character," telling viewers more about mother and daughter and their relationship. And for pervs like me, Kat's facial expression when she sees Mommy threatening her with a spanking and actually meaning it this time would provide information about how hard Rachel spanks. ;-)

As if to emphasize Rachel's traditional views on childrearing, throughout the series, Kat is shown dressed in distinctly conservative looking, often preppy-ish outfits, suggesting a privileged but at least semi-strict, old-fashioned upbringing.

And in case viewers have forgotten that Rachel is a spanking Mom, Episode 9 of the first season serves as a reminder.

In this episode, it is Kat's first day at her new boarding school for girls.

Kat approaches a group of girls and asks if she may join them at play. The most dominant girl of the group replies that Kat first must be "initiated." When Kat asks what this involves, the girl picks up a flexible switch just right for tanning a seven year old bottom and in a threatening tone, while waving the switch suggestively, says Kat will find out in ten seconds so she had better run.

Kat flees with the group of girls in pursuit. She finds herself in a grove of low trees when she meets a mysterious eight year old (played by Coleen Renison) who is definitely out of uniform: dressed in Egyptian robes with an ancient Egyptian style haircut and Nefertiti makeup.

"Who are you?" asks the bewildered Kat.

"I'm your new best friend," replies the Ka spirit of a long dead Egyptian princess unable to find her way to Osiris's fields, "Leave everything to me!"

To make a short story shorter, the princess, whom only Kat can see, calls up some Pharoanic magic which tosses the switch-wielding girl to the ground so violently that her elbow of her switching arm is dislocated.

 Kat gets blamed, of course, and explains that her invisible, magic new friend did it, not her. But of course the school authorities don't believe her. And since it appears that this school does not have a corporal punishment policy, (or perhaps because Rachel didn't sign a liability waiver allowing Kat to be paddled at school?), they suspend Kat for a week, and none other than Spanking Mom Rachel herself gets called in.

Kat is in big trouble, and after speaking to the principal, Rachel and Kat have some alone time...

Rachel scolds Kat, but not too severely due to Rachel's concern that she hasn't spent enough quality time with Kat lately and that Kat's "imaginary friend" and behavioral troubles at school might therefore be Rachel's own fault.  So Kat won't get put over Rachel's knee... this time. However, Kat doesn't get off the hook entirely. Rachel orders Kat to write apology notes, both to the girl with the injured switching arm elbow, and to the principal of the school. Kat reluctantly agrees, and Rachel says, "Better attitude... let's go" and sends Kat off with an onscreen and audible smack on the plaid seat of Kat's school uniform skirt. [0:11]

From the standpoint of the plot, it was a little too sharp to be a "love pat," but not enough to actually hurt. I would call it an "I mean it young lady! Write those letters or there can be more and realer ones where THIS one came from!" kind of swat. But from the standpoint of the actual making of the episode, I would call it a "swat soft enough so that an indignant little Alexandra Purvis doesn't refuse to do a Take 2 of the scene if necessary" kind of swat.

However, I am perhaps reading too much in to this. At the very end of the episode, after the little Egyptian ghost has been sent off to Osiris's spirit world rather than taking over Kat's body, Rachel and Kat are horsing around and Rachel gives Kat a playful swat nearly as robust as the first one. [0:42]

(In the alternative version available only in my imagination, the Egyptian princess ghost never appears, the gang of mean schoolgirls catches Kat and bends her face down over a big fallen tree trunk. Then they "initiate" her in the way viewers were pretty much led to imagine they would. Oh yes, and of course, Kat later stamps her foot and yells at Rachel "NO! I WON'T WRITE ANY STUPID APOLOGY LETTERS!" And Rachel says, "You certainly WILL write them, young lady! But FIRST I'm going to do what I SHOULD have done in that curio shop back in the Pilot Episode and put YOU right over my knee right now!" and then follows through).

The first season of this series is out on DVD, which enabled me to rent it and re-watch my two favorite episodes. Unfortunately, the show itself wasn't all that great. Yet back in '96 I sat through every episode of the first season hoping for more spanking stuff. Kat and Rachel are in other episodes, but no more swats or "put you over my knee right now" threats. (Oh yes, there was one scene with Rachel, Kat, and a hairbrush.  But it was only used to brush hair. Oh well. Rachel's hairbrush is quite spankworthy though - just the right size and shape for spanking a fictional little girl like Kat.  So in the outtakes from this series available only in my imagination, this brush does double duty!)

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From "The Politics of Spanking" article by Susan Block

"I don't remember being spanked more than once when I was a kid, but oh, that once!  I was about six and, like most six-year-old girls, I loved my Daddy.  He loved me too, but he didn't tend to show his love physically.  So when he spanked me that one time, I was thrilled by the attention, as well as the simple touch of his big strong hand on my excitable bottom.  I remember him pulling me out of a large family dinner, after some egregious offense on my part, as my 10-year-old brother tagged along.  I was wearing a party dress with a stiff crinoline slip underneath the skirt, and I remember the whole works flying rapturously up over my head as Daddy pulled me over his knee and spanked me in front of said older brother, who was laughing and cheering him on.  Of course, this was extremely embarrassing, but also, I must admit, thrilling.  He didn't spank me hard; at least I don't remember feeling any pain.  If anything, my bottom just tingled with excitement.  In fact, despite--or because of--my embarrassment, I was laughing along with my brother and Dad.  From that point on, I much preferred spanking to other punishments.  Sometimes I would beg my parents to spank me for my many various misdeeds, instead of the much more tedious punishment of being grounded or the more guilt-inducing penalty of a stern reprimand."

Posted by Aaron Maurer:

This site should  be  illegal!  Sweden is  right  for   making  even  drawings  of  children being  spanked illegal.  alll  hitting  all CP  of  children  or  anyone  no matter how  major  or  minor  is  bad  and  wrong  and  evil  and soooo are   sites  like this one.

[HandPrince replies: Are you any relation to the great Adah Maurer, the William Lloyd Garrison of the school c.p. abolitionist movement?  Just wondering.

I'll make you a deal.  If you can prove to me one case of a nonspanking parent changing their mind and taking up the practice of spanking due to viewing the artwork on this site, I will take the site down.  Deal?

Until then, Handprints isn't going anywhere.  No real-life children were spanked in the creation of the images or stories on this site.  If you are a true antispanker like Adah Maurer, I urge you to focus your energies on stopping the spanking of real children rather than wasting your efforts preventing imaginary children from getting make-believe spankings, which is all that ever happens or ever will happen here on the Handprints site.]


Posted by Morris Evans:

In the 1960s the child psychologist couple, John and Elizabeth Newson, conducted a widespread social survey into contemporary child rearing.
The results regarding 4 & 7 year-olds were published in two volumes. Here are some statistics dealing with discipline.

Actual smacking [spanking] of 4-year-olds, both sexes:
Less than once per week = 22%
Between once per week and once per day = 68%
More than once per day or implement used = 7%

Actual spanking of 7-year-old girls:
Less than once per month = 38%
Between once per month and once per week = 29%
Between once per week and once per day = 25%
More than once per day = 6%

Actual use of an implement on 7-year-old girls = 18%
Threatened use of an implement on 7-year-old girls = 41%
The most used implements in descending order were:
Strap/belt, cane/stick, slipper, followed by miscellaneous implements such as yardstick, wooden spoon and dog's lead.  [I was surprised not to see hairbrush mentioned and in the USA paddle would no doubt take the lead]

The Newsons also divide the girls between those scoring High and Low for corporal based on frequency and likely use of implement:  Low = 47%, High = 23%.

Corporal punishment was considerably higher for boys than girls, but girls were more likely to be spanked on their underwear or bare because of the ease of raising skirts than pulling down trousers.

Looking at these figures makes one remember how often children were spanked at that time.  Smacking is all but illegal in England, and totally so in Scotland,  and most of these punishments would put the parent in court or even prison.

The Newsons also wrote a book dealing with 11-year-olds, but sadly this was never published.


Posted by M:

My mother once told me that my most-spanked age was four.  I don't remember that far back.  But in my own experience as a mother, and knowing other families with young children, I get the impression preschoolers get spanked the most.

I wanted to see if there were any surveys which looked at this, to see if my impressions matched, and I found several papers on a university web site. 

According to one study, which interviewed a representative sample of 991 American parents, four and five year old children are the most likely ages to be receive corporal punishment in the home (94%).

A majority of parents of 2-12 year olds reported using the threat of a spanking to make their children behave, with parents of 5-8 year olds most likely to do so (71%).

The most popular form of corporal punishment was giving your child a bottom spanking with your open hand, with 72% of parents of 2-8 year olds and 43% of parents of 9-12 year olds saying they did this.  (I was surprised to see that 14% of parents of teenagers still give their children hand spankings, just slightly less than the percentage who use implements.  39% of parents of teenagers threaten their teenagers with spankings, though, which means some of these parents are all talk and no spank).

The authors write, "Although most CP is in the form of slapping hands or buttocks, use of traditionally approved implements such as a hairbrush, paddle, stick, or belt has by no means died out. Use of such implements is still legal in every state, provided there is no injury, or in some states no mark that lasts more than about a day."  Over 28% of parents of 5-12 year olds said they spanked their children's buttocks with an implement, "such as a belt, hairbrush, or stick."   And 18% of parents of 2-4 year olds spank with such an implement.
http://pubpages.unh.edu/~mas2/CP36.pdf  (my source for all of the above)

Another study had some information about families which still use corporal punishment on their teenagers.
"Among parents who continue CP into the teen age years, it is not a rare outburst. Within the sub-group of parents who use CP with teen age children, it occurs an average of four to five times a year." 40% of parents of 13 year olds spank them, along with 13% of parents of 17 year olds.
http://pubpages.unh.edu/~mas2/CP106  Crimingenic nature of CP.pdf

But 3 to 5 year olds remain not only the ages at which children are most likely to be spanked by their parents, children this age also receive the most frequent spankings.
"Among the 3 to 5 year old children... 61% were spanked in the week preceding the interview.  The frequency of spanking that week ranged from 33% who were spanked once that week to 11% who were spanked six or more times that week.  The mean was 3.1 times."  (My mother said she spanked me about twice a week on average when I was a little girl this age, which would mean I was below average, which I never would have imagined!)


Posted by M:

Once when I was little my mother told me with a severe tone of voice to come with her, and she marched me up to my parent's bedroom.  I had a distinct feeling I was in trouble but I couldn't imagine why.  My mother sat down on their bed, stood me in front of her and asked me if I had anything to tell her.  I shook my head 'no,' my anxiety mounting.  She asked again, with her face growing sterner, and I told her I didn't understand what she wanted me to say.

She led me over to her dresser and pointed to where her hairbrush normally sat - the one she used both for brushing her hair and for spanking my behind.  She said she had set it there last, and Daddy hadn't taken it, so I must have taken it.  I was horrified by this, because I truly hadn't touched Mommy's hairbrush, much less hidden it.  I wouldn't have dared do something so wickedly naughty.  But when I told her I hadn't taken it she said I was fibbing and she promised me a good hard spanking for that.  And without another word she put me over her knee, bared my bottom and kept her promise.

When I had mostly finished crying and she was holding me on her lap, she asked me if I had learned my lesson and was I ready to tell her where I had hidden her hairbrush now.  I burst into tears, buried my face in her bosom and begged her to believe me, that I really really honestly didn't know where it was.

Like a whirlwind, she whisked me into my bedroom, re-bared my bottom, and gave me another spanking, this time with my own hairbrush, and harder than before.  I cried a long time after she finished. At first I cried long because it had been a particularly sound spanking, even by my mother's standards. But I kept crying even longer still because I feared she would ask me about her missing hairbrush once I'd stopped crying, and I had no idea how I could respond to her when she did.  Eventually she ordered me to hush and then asked me the question I dreaded.  And in a stammering whisper I answered her the only way I could - honestly - full of icy fear of how she would react to that.

Instead of another spanking, though, she told me to wash up and change into my nightie, although my bedtime was hours away.  I was to be confined to my bed without supper until I decided to confess my sins and tell her where I had hidden her hairbrush.  If I hadn't confessed by my regular bedtime, she promised to cut a switch from our garden and give me a whipping before she tucked me in.  Then she left my room.

My mother's switchings, like her spankings, were given on my bare skin. But unlike her spankings, they raised welts and they hurt worse than anything else I had experienced or would experience for a long time. (Until I gave birth, actually).

With fear clutching my heart I did as she had told me to, and then lay in bed praying and praying for God to rescue me from my predicament.  He was my only hope.

And then, miracle of miracles, God came through for me.  Mommy came up to my room an hour or so later and told me she had been mistaken, and it had been her who had mislaid her brush.  She said she was sorry she had wrongly accused me of taking it, but that I should consider those two spankings she'd given me earlier as punishments for any times when I had misbehaved in the past and gotten away with it without her knowledge.  I was so relieved and so grateful to God for making Mommy find her hairbrush and sparing me the anguish of a switching.  But I still felt bad too, because my mother had spanked me twice, hard, for something I hadn't done - and she never even apologized to me for that.

Posted by Richard James:

One of your correspondents recently described a childhood experience when she had been spanked unjustly over a missing hairbrush. I felt moved to write some verse!

The Missing Hairbrush

I had not been naughty so I didn't understand
Why mummy looked so angry and grabbed me by the hand

She hauled me to her bedroom and sat upon her bed
Looked me firmly in the eye and this is what she said.

"I think that there is something you may like to confess"
As I had done nothing wrong, I couldn't answer yes.

She took me to her dresser where her hairbrush always sat
And said "My brush is missing what do you say to that?

I spanked you with it yesterday upon your little rear.
Did you think it clever to make it disappear?"

I said I hadn't touched it, for indeed I wouldn't dare,
Even though Mum uses it to spank my derriere.

"Well Daddy hasn't moved it so I know it must be you
And for this piece of fibbing you know what I will do!

I'm going to spank your bottom and make it really sore
Perhaps that will dissuade you from lying any more".

I had no time to protest as I went across her knee
With knickers round my ankles she started spanking me.

I was quickly crying as my bottom throbbed and burned
Till my mum decided that my lesson might be learned.

I was really sobbing from every stinging smack
She let me cry across her knee then put my knickers back.

She sat me on her lap and said that now I ought to tell
Where her brush was hidden and then all would be well!

I hugged her tight and told her that I really didn't know
And that I wasn't lying, and I had told her so.

With that I then was hoisted underneath her arm
And as we headed for my room, was filled with great alarm!

I cried and I protested that I'd told her all I knew.
She said that I'd be sorry by the time that she was through

"It seems that a hand spanking has not achieved it's task
So if I use your hairbrush you might do what I ask".

She lifted up my hairbrush and laid me on her lap
Then bared my aching bum again so I'd feel every slap.

The brush was raised and landed hard, enough to make me yell
And I kicked and squirmed and bucked as every hard smack fell

It seemed to last forever and my bottom was on fire
Though I was now exhausted, Mum didn't seem to tire

It was the hardest spanking that I have ever had
And when my Mum had finished I was feeling bad

I cried and cried for ages and not just from the pain
For when I finished crying Mum would ask me once again!

I hadn't seen her hairbrush so what more could I say?
But if I told the truth again I'd still be made to pay!

I'd now had two hard spankings and as far as I could see
No matter what I tried to say I would get number three!

Mum said to stop my crying and when I had complied
She asked the dreaded question so once again I cried

And told her I had not told lies. I hadn't touched her brush!
She said she could wait for the truth, she wasn't in a rush.

I should get my nightie on and wait here in my room
And do without my supper as I waited for my doom!

At my normal bedtime she would switch my bum, unless
I should come and tell her that I wanted to confess!

I lay upon my bed and cried and prayed that she would find
That horrid wooden hairbrush or else she'd change her mind!

I've had a bottom switching on a bare and tender bum
It's worse than any spanking delivered by my Mum.

She would find a switch for me and cut it down to size
Then give me such a whipping on my little bum and thighs.

My bottom would be throbbing with welts that last for weeks
And I would not like sitting on my tortured bottom cheeks

I cried and prayed and prayed and cried till I was quite distraught
And promised God that I would be everything I ought.

I heard Mum's footstep on the stairs and almost moaned in fear
Did this mean my time was up and switching time was here?

Mum came up to my bedside and said to dry my eyes
And told me gently she now knew I'd not been telling lies.

She had found her hairbrush and she knew it wasn't me
It was in her handbag all along as plain as plain could be!

She said that she was sorry that she did not trust my word
And promised that the next time my pleadings would be heard.

As for my two spankings she was sure there must have been
Other times I'd needed them when I had not been seen!

Of course I was delighted that Mum knew I hadn't lied
But I'd had two major spankings and cried and cried and cried!

She had spanked me with no cause and surely she could see
That she should say she's sorry and make it up to me?

Not say that these were spankings that really could have served
For times when I'd been bad and not received what I deserved!!!

Why is it that Mummies can't admit when they are wrong
If it had been her bottom she would sing a different song!

Okay, there was no switching, and I was quite relieved
But is it any wonder that I still felt quite aggrieved!

Posted by Morris Evans:

In 1952 on my eighth birthday I received as a present "Five on Treasure Island" by Enid Blyton.  On page 16 I was excited to read: '"She needs a spanking," said Uncle Quentin.' (Changed in modern editions to, "She needs a talking to").

This, believe it or not, was the first time I had realised that girls might be spanked.

I had seen - and felt! - quite a few spankings by this age, but I had no sisters and at my school only the boys were physically punished; the girls, who were better behaved, being made only to learn a poem etc.

This changed for one girl about a year later when a new teacher, Miss Crosby, came.  Miss Crosby's niece, Susan, already attended our class and it was soon plain that her aunt disliked her.  This was strange because Susan was a quiet, inoffensive child of average academic ability, but I think it might have been because she was what we would then have called Anglo/Indian, a product of Imperial rule that had ended only five years before.

Susan was soon on the receiving end of slaps to hands and legs for nothing at all and before much longer was regularly going over her desk or her aunt's knee for spankings. I viewed these with mixed feelings: I disliked Miss Crosby and felt sorry for Susan, but at the same time I looked forward to seeing the girl disciplined in this way - as did most of my classmates, girls as well as boys.
As the term went on Susan's spankings became worse.  Miss Crosby started to turn back her skirt and give more and harder smacks.  Susan took all this without fuss and if she told her parents they never interfered.

The end of term came and when school resumed Miss Crosby was gone. The reason was never given and Susan went back to her almost anonymous position in the class.  But I have an abiding memory of her bent over Miss Crosby's knee as she spanked her on the seat of her bottle-green knickers.


Posted by Somebody:

The Life of Nana Mirski

Book Report by Emily Wilwol (a 4th grader)


            Harriet Shaw Bromirski was born on February 15, 1936 at her Fourth St. home in the small town of Hoosick Falls, NY.  She was the daughter of Kenneth G. and Augusta E. Palmer Shaw.
Harriet grew up quickly and enjoyed helping her mother with her younger sister and things around the house. When she was about 5 years old, it was time for Harriet to start school.  She attended the Second Ward Elementary School in Hoosick Falls.   Harriet loved school and loved to learn about new and exciting things.  She loved to sew.

She and her sister had chores to do around the house.  They needed to do them before their father came home. Sometimes if they misbehaved or didn't do their chores they were spanked with a twig from a lilac bush. Harriet, being the oldest, hated to see her younger sister get spanked, so sometimes Harriet took the spanking for her.  They each had to get their own switch from the lilac bush and they better not come back with a small one or they would be punished even harder.


Posted by HandPrince:

    I recently came across a copy of "Seven Years Old in the Home Environment"  (John Wiley & Sons, NYC, 1976) by John and Elizabeth Newson of the University of Nottingham in England.  They did a study involving interviews with 697 local mothers of 7 year old children.  Among the 200+ items in the questionaire were questions relating to spanking (or as the Brits say, "smacking").

    10% of the 327 girls in this sample got spanked as often by their father as by their mother, while 8% of them were spanked mostly or exclusively by their father.  Only 14% of the mothers interviewed said they and their husbands disagreed on the subject of spanking discipline, but this was four times as likely when the husband was the major spanker as when the wife was.  And for a whopping 82% of these girls, their mother was their major or exclusive spanking-giver.

    Three years earlier, at age 4, 75% of the children in this sample got spankings at least once a week or more.  At age 7, nearly a third (31%) still did, with a luckless 6% reported by their mothers as getting spanked an average of once a day or more.  29% of the girls got spanked once a month or more, but less than once a week; and 38% were spanked less often than once a month.

    Although the interviewers had not yet mentioned spanking when they asked mothers how they would deal with their child if she didn't do as she was told, 56% of mothers volunteered that they would spank their child for that.

   Another spankable offense in many of these homes was use of curse words.  The mother of 7 year old Tess and her older sister Cheryl, said, "[Tess] got a real good hiding for that. I was fetching her from school and another kiddy came up to take something off her, and she said "You fuck off!"  Well -- I know I say some words, but I don't say anything like that, I mean that really is the worst, isn't it?  And there was a lady just passing and she looked at Cheryl and she looked at me, as if I'd taught it to her.  Well, that stopped pretty quick; but lately [Cheryl]'s been saying [Tess]'s at it again, not out loud, just under her breath.  And I caught her at it on Sunday.  She was in the yard and falling out with another kid, and I saw her through the window, not saying it, just miming it with her mouth, "fu...".  Anyhow, my husband whipped her in in a minute, and said "Well, we've caught you at last, have we?"

   17% of the mothers said they pulled down pants or lifted skirts when spanking their 7 year olds, with a statistically significantly higher percentage spanking their daughters with their skirts lifted than their sons with their pants down.  The authors write that this, "probably reflects only the fact that the mother can turn up a skirt herself, whereas taking down trousers needs some degree of co-operation."  The authors continue, "Of course, the baring or partial baring of the child's buttocks is intended to make the punishment degrading as well as physically uncomfortable; and it may be that working-class parents in particular (whose sense of sexual modesty is more acute) may feel that this is going too far - they wish the child to be shamed, but not quite to that degree.  Inhibitions of this kind do not apply to the use of implements as such, however."

   18% of the girls were spanked with an implement, while a much larger 41% of girls had been threatened with an implement spanking but had not yet experienced one. One mother admonished her child, "You know, straps are sometimes used on girls, as well as boys!" to which her daughter replied, "I know, Mum, but you never do!"   Other mothers did carry out threats to spank with an implement, though.  "I use my hand; but if I have a stick I can wave it about and it has a great effect, but I don't like smacking with a stick," said one mother.  But when asked if she had ever actually done so, she replied, "Yes, I have smacked them with it sometimes on the bottom."

   The authors write, "Almost any mother may hit out in a fury when tried beyond her tolerance; differences here may be basically a matter of individual tolerance level.  Slowing up the act of smacking, however, immediately invests it with purposiveness and underlines for the child [her mother's] disciplinary intent.  In the pre-school years, to say 'Wait till I get you home!', and to smack the child once they got home, had a similar effect of formalisation; now [at age 7], to take down a boy's trousers or turn up a girl's skirt in preparation for smacking, to fetch an implement, or even to own an implement as such, all signify the mother's acceptance of smacking as punishment as opposed to her use of it as an expression of anger.  To the extent that some mothers would never dream of formalising it in these ways, however hard pressed, this divergence represents a real difference in attitude rather than just degree - though, obviously, smacking is likely to hurt more on poorly protected skin or where an implement is employed."

   A belt or strap was the most often-used spanking implement in the sample as a whole, especially in working class families.  But more affluent families tended to prefer a switch or cane.  The authors write, "Slippers and other more ad hoc implements such as yardsticks, wooden spoons and the dog's lead appear in too small numbers to analyse their social class distribution."

   A distinctive difference between the real-life mothers and most fictional spanking mothers in F/* stories, was the large majority (73%) of the real-life mothers who reported feeling "guilty or upset" after spanking their child.  One mother said that after she gives her daughter a spanking, "I'm the one that's upset.  I feel awful afterwards.  If she's gone off to bed looking sorrowful, I think to myself, Oh, you rotten devil!  It makes me really tired - I can't do anything afterwards.  But next day it all starts again.  Because I mean you can't let it ride - she plays up to such a pitch. It wears you down, you know."

   Tess and Cheryl's mother laments, "It would be nice not to [spank]!  I think they do need it.  And yet it doesn't seem to have any effect on them. They titter, they defy you.  If you don't smack them, they just do whatever they like with you, but then if you are strict with them it seems to me they just get rebellious; and I think sometimes, when they defy me like that, that I just get myself worked up for nothing.  I despair sometimes, I really do."


Posted by "Jean de Limbourg":

DER SPIEGEL 17/1964 dated 22.4.1964, page 52

Punishment by mother
The German youth, as in bygone days, are still ruled by a heavy hand and the cane. 80 to 85 percent of all parents still feel that a spanking is a necessary means of education. Unlike the days before the Second World War, however, in most cases the mother gives the spanking. The age limit of the chastised young people is 16, rarely 18 years.

This post-war German family life picture has been drawn by the Director of the Department of German Antiquities and Folklore at the University of Hamburg, Professor Dr. Walter Havernick, 59, in a recently published study *. ... Havernick on the outcome of the search: "We were flatly destroyed." (Note: critics didn't like the results?)

The Hamburg folklorist compared data provided by families, schools and apprentices for the time periods 1910-1939 ("past") and 1945 1962 ("present"). The researchers found regional differences: In Berlin, children were most severely punished, and in northern Germany the mildest. Havernick: "If children are spanked with the wooden clothes hanger, it's in Berlin."

According to Havernick - "Do not write about corporal punishment as "lashing children with a big stick." He defined spanking as "Planned corporal punishment, executed by hitting the bottom with a flat hand or by certain instruments". The most popular instrument is still the cane, the "symbol of punishment" in many German households, often kept in a place determined by tradition. Previously, almost half of all parents had a cane, now the cane is still available in every third family.
Havernick, who leaves the "practical education" of his own children to his wife, estimated that it is usually more than half of all 15 - to 16-year and one in eleven 17 year old in who risk the cane in case of need (Note: probably the answer in a survey: parents would agree that to cane a 15-17 year old was an acceptable punishment for certain severe misbehaviour - it likely did not mean they did it. In his own data, one in three boys at age 15 was 'ever' caned). In most cases, boys are more often victims, but at an older age, girls are put more often "over the knee" to prevent "sexual straying". The adolescents themselves consider spanking apparently as a correct punishment. A survey of 233 machinist apprentices in a Hamburg Company found that 82 percent of respondents considered a spanking as "not disgraceful" and 71% deemed a strict upbringing as the best education.

If it was not the flat hand or a cane, the items used were a birch, the carpet beater, wooden clothes hangers, the wooden spoon or slippers. Whip or belt are rarely used in Germany. The spanking is applied to the bottom. The offender is often placed over the knee and held there or he must lie down on a chair, a chair or sofa, rarely does he has to bent over. To increase the severity of the punishment, the protective clothing is often removed and the spanking is given "on the bare". This form of punishment has more than doubled since the war. "Who does not want to hear, must feel!" A painful punishment on the bare bottom is the best way to cool down pride and arrogance. Of course, the removal of clothes has often less moral than technical reasons. Havernick: "The fashion of leather pants made it is indispensable. " (Note: the change from father to mother and less use of the cane was likely as important).

* Walter Havernick " Schlage als Strafe (spanking as punishment)", Verlag Hamburg Museum eV, 13,50 Mark.

Posted by plath:

  Juvenile bare bottom spanking art... on BILLBOARDS!

Posted by 66666666:

Homepage URL:     http://www.npr.org/2011/12/14/143659027/and-you-thought-the-tiger-mother-was-tough

Comments:    "The Complete Book of Combat With Mum" contains 20 strategies to deflect a scolding from your mother -- and was written by two Beijing 10-year olds.

"'Move No. 4 is useful. You run to Mom and throw yourself on her,' says Chen Leshui, who wrote the book. 'Lots of kids say they use this because it makes Mom's heart go soft, and it makes her cry.'

"Leshui says she wrote the book with her friend Deng Xinyi after a particularly humiliating incident.

"'Once, when I didn't do so well in an exam, a friend came over to play, and my mom picked up my exam paper and said, 'Your friends will all laugh at you,' ' Leshui says. 'My friend and I went to hide in my room and drew these pictures on pieces of paper.'

"The moves are divided into hard and soft tactics, though Leshui warns that hard tactics should be used sparingly, or you might get a beating. Her mother, who gives her name as Mrs. Li, says Leshui has tried literally every trick in the book.

"'There was one move she used to make when she was young: She'd pull down her pants, then present me with her naked butt and say, 'Spank me, mom!' ' Li says. 'Later, if I scolded her, she'd hug my legs and not let go. And when she got even older, she'd lock herself into her room and write notes to me on slips of paper.'"

Posted by  mickletain:

Homepage URL:     http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jincey-lumpkin/violent-relationships_b_1325276.html

"This hurts me more than it hurts you," my parents would say when they spanked me or whipped me with belts and switches as punishment when I was a child.

My strict upbringing shaped so much of my self-image and self-esteem. I know it will hurt my mother to read this. I know she believes she did the best job she could at raising me.

I've talked a lot about how I was taught to be a "good little girl."

I grew up in a small town in Georgia...The general attitude around child rearing was "spare the rod, spoil the child."

I felt I had to do everything they told me to do: I had to be the perfect, sweet, good little girl in order to stay out of trouble. Being bad meant I got the belt from my father or a good spanking from my mother.

When I did something like argue with my brother, my mother would say, "OK, that's enough! One!" She would begin to count the number of times I'd be spanked. Continued bad behavior increased the count.

I had to cut my own switches from the woods.

Somewhere along the line I devised a clever system to try to avoid my punishments. I would hide between the trees as long as I could, in hopes that they would forget about me. When they called out for me, I would pick up a big, fat tree limb and carry it back to the house. When I returned, they would say, "That's too big. Go get something smaller." I'd return to the forest and find a tiny little stick that was old and crumbling, thinking that it would break as they hit my bare buttocks with it.

"This is ridiculous," they would say. "Go cut me something from the tree -- and the wood better be green." Long, green switches bent well and stung when they hit you.

I remember the flush of humiliation I'd feel as I pulled my pants down and leaned over the kitchen counter. The seconds before the first hit were the scariest, because I didn't know how hard the pressure would be applied. I would squish my eyelids together and tense up, waiting for the end. Afterwards, they'd send me to my room to "think about what I did." I would cry hard, thinking about what a stupid girl I was, and plan how I could be better so that I wouldn't disappoint my parents so much next time. At times I was inconsolable, curling up on my bed alone, sobbing into the pillow.


Posted by HandPrince:


Beginning at 2:17, gorgeous exercise instructor Cynthia Kereluk shares with her viewers how her mother "broke a lot of wooden spoons" on her bottom when she was a little girl.  This was no accident!

As a child, Cynthia had to do the dishes for her large family, and this required three sink loads of dishes each evening. Clever Cynthia deliberately let the wooden spoon sit in the water through all three loads, washing it last. Evening after evening this gradually softened and weakened the wood. Then whenever her mother spanked her, she would clench her buttocks and the impact would occasionally break the spoon, bringing Cynthia's spanking to a premature, and less painful, conclusion.

Kids, are you listening??


In this one, Fiona Phillips recounts how when she was 10 a perv teacher used to bend her over his desk, lift the skirt of her school uniform, and spank her with a slipper he kept in a drawer. She said he had a gleam in his eye, and would spank her for no particular reason. This happened so often she always made sure she wore clean underwear to school because it was so often seen.

This may have gratified her teacher's desires, but as discipline it backfired. Fiona says her self esteem suffered and she became more disruptive in class as a result.

Posted by HandPrince in response to "Mr. Lock-up":

The Handprints Spanking Art & Stories Page is entirely legal under the laws of the USA, and as far as I am aware, is legal in every other country as well. Silly threats from trolls do not perturb me in the slightest. In the unlikely event that any agency of the US government attempts to pressure me to take down my site, I will literally make a federal case out of it. I am a member of the American Civil Liberties Union. I know the relevant laws and I know my rights under the First Amendment. I will not be pushed around by self-styled would-be censors.

If Mr. Lock-Up really has the mistaken impression that the Handprints site contains "chi1d p0rnography" he is welcome to call the police and let them straighten him out. A recent US Supreme Court decision struck down, as unconstitutionally vague, the sections of the US Chi1d P0rnography laws which criminalize "simulations" of child abuse. This referred to digitally created images which appear to be photographs but aren't. If fake photos are legal, artwork certainly is, for the time being. I will take down this site, or modify its contents, on the day that any portion of it becomes contraband, and not one moment sooner.

In the meantime, the site stays. Look for more updates and new galleries in the coming months. I grew up thinking I was the only person in the world who was "this way." I want all the other pervs to know that they are not alone.

I would also like to add that, speaking as an opponent of spanking of actual children, who has very likely done far more for that cause than Mr. Lock-Up will ever do, I have no patience with people whose idea of fighting child abuse consists of hounding harmless perverts on the internet for doing nothing but creating artwork and fiction. Such "activists" are an embarrassment to the anti-spanking movement, and they would do better to confront their own inner sexual demons rather than project their repressions outwards upon others. It takes a severely conflicted and repressed person to convince themselves that drawings and fiction about spankings are somehow the engine driving domestic violence against children. They need to face and recognize what inner engine drives themselves.

Taking on large, well-funded pro-spanking organizations such as Focus On The Family is difficult. Scapegoating already-marginalized erotic minorities, on the other hand, is easy: too easy. It is a cop-out.

Mr. Lock-Up, if you are serious about fighting child abuse, please email me and I can put you in touch with a number of organizations who would be more than happy to accept your volunteer services doing actual useful work in that area. On the other hand, if all you can do is make foolish attempts to scare us, then your efforts will continue to meet with failure.


Posted by Louise Vancisic:

My favorite pictures are the Cynthia Kim drawings especially Mrs.Kim and Cynthia.

Hi. My name is Louise Vancisic (pronounced vankeesich)

I'll start with the basics. I am a woman, now 52 years old, married and with two grown children. My parents were both raised in Eastern Europe and moved into a Working class Slavic neighborhood in NY.
Even in a traditional authoritarian, male centric community, my parents, being post war immigrants, were known for their strictness. Actually they were known for their strictness with their daughter. I had so many more rules than my friends and what was even harder for me, my younger brother. That was, and still remains, a sore point with me.
At any rate, a few facts about my discipline. My parents most often "corrected" me by spanking. Depending on the "offense" they would use hand, hairbrush or strap. Depending on the method, the number of strokes would vary. Mom administered most of the spankings though when I got the strap it was usually from my father. I believe that the number of smacks was somewhat predetermined but not necessarily held to. Mom was more prone to draw out a spanking so while ten minutes across her lap was fairly typical, the actual number of swats, even by hand, rarely exceeded forty.
I was what you would call a good girl. If my parents only spanked me for disobedience, I wouldn't have done too badly. But, they saw spanking as a way to modify all kinds of behavior including performance of chores and performance in school. If I got in trouble in school, no matter how minor the infraction, I would be spanked at home. My teachers soon found out that the mere threat of sending me home with a note brought about my instant compliance. Understandably there were not many such incidents. Report card time, however, was a different story. My parents demanded 'A's. If I brought home more than one "curved letter" grade, it would be evidence of "laziness" and I'd get a spanking. I will confess that it motivated me to achieve excellence.
I was spanked either on my bare bottom or over my panties. If bare, it was always Mom and always in private. Thank heaven for small things. However, there were fewer compunctions about pulling up my skirt in the presence of other close family, including my brother. He got his beatings from Dad but they were always private affairs. 
Perhaps the punishment I feared most was getting spanked in the morning before school. Needless to say I was extra careful in the morning and made any confessions the evening before. Still, I couldn't totally avoid those instances where I left the house still crying.

As to frequency, it varied with my age. Prior to age 10, I was rarely punished for issues of "responsibility" so I probably averaged one or two formal spankings a month. At age 11, my parents became more demanding and the spanking frequency rose. From age 12 to 14, the combination of stricter rules and my desire for more freedom resulted in an increase of spankings for both responsibility and behavior. I doubt that a week would go by without Momma or Daddy finding reason to administer a spanking. Twice a week wasn't so unusual either. At age 15 and 16 I was spanked much less and at age 17, without any announcement, it stopped.

I did not enjoy getting spanked in the least but as an adult I find it fascinates me. I get my fulfillment through reading literature, viewing drawings and corresponding.

The enjoyment or pleasure that a parent feels from administering or observing a spanking can be for multiple reasons. On the more noble side are those who feel that they have delivered an effective lesson that will make their daughter a better girl. On the less noble side are those who are bullies and who get their kicks seeing someone crawl. In the world of fantasy, I can find either one a turn on and would be interested in discussing either. Though most of my writing is fiction many did cross over in some way into real life.

Ironically, bonding can occur with either type of parent, depending how they present themselves to the child and the nature of the girl. I prefer stories of girls who have been raised very strictly all their lives and are cooperative and submissive. I also like parents with super strict rules about not only behavior but doing chores, school grades and responsibility. A particular theme of interest is the spanking of older sisters for the misdeeds of their younger siblings while under their supervision.

Posted by Gina:

I enjoy this site, especially the drawings of George Churchward, God rest his soul.  And some of Cannibal Khan's bring back "warm" memories -  one in particular, the very religious mother about to spank her daughter with the hairbrush.


Many a time I waited for mum in the sewing room. First came her sermon, and then over her knee for a long session with the bath brush.  But there was always a hug and she wiped away my  tears when it was over.  Many a time I spent in that position paying for my sins staring at the rug waiting for that brush to blister my behind, and then sitting uncomfortably writing lines from scripture.  I forgot to mention, alot of Lee Warner`s also bring certain memories.  My parents were very religious and strict with 7 kids growing up in the 50`s and 60`s.  Timeouts weren't invented.  It was either Mum`s brush or Dad`s strap.  And it didn't matter; boy or girl, you  got it on your bare backside!  God bless.

Posted by Kris Kringle:


  Wikileaks has just released Santa's secret list of all the children who've been naughty!

Posted by Jean:

Although this has been modeled on a true story, modified to fit the series of four pix of a girl spanked by her dad.

The true girl was my sis in the early 1960s. My sis skipped school to go to the fun fair. Her blue school uniform stood out as a sore eye in the bumper cars, and a sadistic neighbour informed my mother. I still see my mother, with the steam spouting out her ears, waiting with the dreaded jokari paddle behind the front door till my sis would arrive, to collect the spanking of her life.


The Perfect Angel

Nine-year-old Mireille had always been a perfect angel in the eyes of her mother. She couldn't do wrong in her eyes. One fateful day, Mireille asked her dad if she could go down to the fun fair in her village. "I don't think it's a good idea for you to go down there by yourself, but if you ask one of your older brothers I'm sure they'll go down there with you." But Mireille thought that she was responsible enough to go down to the fair by herself. She was not a baby.

She had no watch and lost all sense of time. As the time passed by, Mireille's mama became more and more worried. Her teen brothers were sent out to look for the girl. One of them found her in the bumper cars, driving in a car with an older boy and having great fun.

Walking back, her mother kissed her. "Thank God you're okay!" she said. By this time her dad had showed up, too. "Where were you, Mireille?" he demanded to know. "I went to the fair, papa." she replied. "What did I tell you about going to the fair by yourself, Mireille?" her dad sternly asked. "Do you realize that we were very worried and looking for you for the past hour?"

"I'm sorry," she quietly replied. ""I'm glad to hear that, Mireille. But you ought to be punished for this," her dad informed her.

"What she needs is a good spanking!" her eldest brother Albert interrupted. Her two other brothers, sad and tired of their angelic kid sister, nodded in enthusiastic approval. "She was there in the bumper cars with another boy, maybe twice her age!"

"But Mireille has never been spanked in her life," her mother replied.

"That's right", Albert said. "She can never do wrong!" The other brothers fell in "Do we know she has never been spanked!" "She always gets away with everything!" "It ain't fair!"

"They do have a point, dear," Mireille's father told her mother. She still resisted. A good spanking was in her mind reserved for the strong, muscular bottoms of naughty boys only. Anglo Saxon parents are too impatient. They seem to think that a good spanking takes seconds and leaves bruises for weeks. It is the opposite. A French papa will never raise his hand high or wallop a bottom with all his might. But the soft bottom of her sweet little girl would be spanked calmly, prudently but thoroughly - time and time and time again his hard hand would find her seat in resounding smacks. After a minute or so, her tough boys cried hell and blue. How would the sensitive buttocks of her little darling react to such a harsh treatment. "She won't do it again, won't you sweetheart?"

Her dad answered: "Running away without permission is an act of willful disobedience, riding in the bumper cars with an adolescent boy is an act of a slut, a disgrace for a young girl." Albert added "Mireille was the only unaccompanied young girl in the bumper cars. You know the bumper cars. The girls there are painted like tarts, ready to jump on any boy that looks at them."

Mother reluctantly nodded her head, having known the bumper cars as a teenage girl herself. She had to admit, that was not a place for an unescorted nine year old girl. Mireille had kept waiting in silence, knowing mama would make the storm go over. Had she started weeping and begging, her mother would certainly have saved her skin. But her attitude was too confident, showing little remorse. It was her brother Albert who did her in. "Mama, please. You know that what Mireille did was exactly the thing what Kim and Lisa did before disappearing." Kim and Lisa were a famous case, two sisters disappearing from home to go to the cinema, being kidnapped and found back murdered.

Her mother couldn't stand the thought of her little darling, being swept away. Papa pressed on: "It is high time for Mireille to learn that there are consequences for disobedience, and dangerous behaviour. She will think a lot harder in the future before running away and acting the bumper car slut if she knows the penalty is a good spanking."

Mother sighed "You are right. Mireille is becoming increasingly disobedient." And sternly to her daughter: "I hope papa will teach you a good lesson! Do not forget it, the next time, you will not sit properly for days." Mireille's feat was sealed. Her father planted him in the chair and ordered her to come over "Come here, Mireille, over my knee."

"No papa, please not a spanking!" Mireille begged, with her Bambi eyes great and imploring, still thinking she could get away with it. But this time, she had gone too far.

"Yes Mireille, a spanking for disobedience, dangerous behavior and behavior not befitting a young girl. Trust me, I will make it a very good spanking, to be remembered a long time." her dad said sternly, "Your brothers are right. You knew better than to run unescorted to the fair and then get in a bumper car with a big boy. I hope you will not forget this lesson. I warn you, where these are coming from, there is a lot more to find."
Mireille still did not move, looking anxiously for support by her mother. Her father had had enough of her and stood up to collect her. She backed away to her mother, but to her horror and surprise, her mother took her by the shoulder and pushed her in the hands of her angry father. All eyes were now upon the two of them, eager to see the little angel get what she deserved.

Her dad decidedly but still gently pulled her face-down across his lap. Mireille felt real bad now. She seemed about to get her very first spanking in front of her brothers. But she still considered it a game, a strong threat to warn her but not to follow through.

But suddenly she cried in unpleasant surprise, truly embarrassed and alarmed, feeling the game was turning to be real and very unpleasant. "No papa, please daddy, don't pull off my undies!" Lifting her skirt up her back, her dad had slid his fingers in the waistband of her little white underpants.

"I'm sorry, Mireille. You know how your brothers are spanked for disobedience and you are no better." her father said, and he carefully pulled away her underpants from her buttocks, leaving her seat naked and exposed to the family. He looked down at her well-rounded girl's bottom, in many but subtle ways different from her brothers. He never thought he would have to spank his daughter like this, and it pained him now to do so. He was hesitant to begin, but he knew there was no way back.

He raised his hand and brought it down swiftly right in the center of Mireille's right bare buttock. The little girl shrieked and jerked, more of surprise, his pink handprint appearing in her naked skin in a light shade of red. A French papa chose for length, not for strength. He started to smack her little bottom in a steady, slow rhythm, left and right. Mireille had never been spanked before, and she was crying hard, but from anger, resentment and rebellion. She found the smacks painful, but not intolerable. She thought she could take this punishment, defiantly as a big girl. It took quite a while before she started to realize that the good spanking was built on repetition. The sting of the repeated smacks on her bare skin increased with each stroke, increasing the hot burn in her seat. Each time her dad's hand hit her again, the burning got more severe. Her bottom was becoming more sore and dad's hand hitting her sore bottom more painful. She proved to be tough, still more outraged than chastised, she started kicking her legs, struggling to escape the stinging strokes, thrusting her arm back to fend off the stinging strokes, yelling indignantly that it hurt. Her dad grabbed her arm and pressed it against the small of his back.

He had now no intentions anymore of stopping too soon. Her mother, secretly shocked by the defiant behavior of her little angel, nodded approvingly. Papa felt very sorry he had neglected his paternal duties for so long. He now slapped her naked fanny over and over, left and right, up and down. His hand flied with firm, crisp strokes against her bottom. Her bare buns and upper thighs were changing from pale, to pink, to red, to very red. Spanking her bare bottom allowed him to aim each stroke at the place he thought that was least red, ensuring that every spot on her naked bottom was spanked equally hot. Her bottom glowed now from the heat, the slaps that now landed on her fiery red hot bottom were smarting like scalding hot water. The burning started to melt down her defiance as snow in the sun. The good spanking started to have its educational impact. Mireille cried and pleaded "Pleeese, no more... please, please, it hurts too bad."  But it was too late to escape the worst. Her dad answered "That is the purpose of a good spanking. This will teach you, naughty girl."

The more she squirmed, the tighter her dad held her, the sharper the strokes came. Papa looked up at Mireille's mama, who now fully realized how poorly her little angel had been behaving. So his hand moved up faster and higher, took a longer swing through the air at greater speed and hit harder at a greater speed on her now sizzling red hot buttocks. At last, Mireille started giving in, stopping her resistance and accepting the fact that she was spanked well for a deserved punishment. Her dad still carefully controlled the strength and rhythm of the strokes, but now aiming at the maximum he could so attain safely. His hand slapped now across her terribly smarting cheeks with sharp, loud shots, twice every second. Mireille could not believe the pain the spanking was now causing and she started screaming, "OWW, NO PLEASE STOP IT HURTS TOO MUCH." But the slaps came now crashing down everywhere on the smarting skin of her naked backside, hard and fast, biting, stinging, burning. "OWW, NOOOO, HOOOOO, PLEASE I CAN'T TAKE IT PLEASE, STOP." She was praying that each stroke would be the last, but they kept on coming. "Papa," she wailed, "PLEASEEEEEE PLEASEEEEEE I LL BE GOOOOOD I LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN." These were the magic words, finally uttered, finally meant, finally burning in her heart, finally knowing that never ever she wanted to be spanked again. Mireille definitely had learned to know the effect of a good spanking.

"I promise I mind your orders, I'll never run off again," she said, sniffling and sobbing. Large tears streamed down her face as she continued to bawl like a baby. Being lifted from his lap, everyone could see for a moment her very sore, very red bottom, before her dad pulled up her underpants again and chased her to her room for a long and healthy crying out, on her belly in the bed, till the angriest glowing subsided slowly. Sitting down would be a bit too uncomfortable the rest of the evening.

Tomorrow, her little soft bottom would be good as gold again, only remembering for ever and ever what happened to a girl that was deliberately naughty.

Posted by Sarah V.:

This Is Just To Say

I carved your name

Not mine

Into the arm of Dad's chair.

Sorry you were spanked

But the wood was so gummy

And my knife was so sharp.

Posted by Rizwan Ali:

Dear Readers of Handprints,

This letter relates to my childhood punishment and spanking desires which were generated in me by childhood spankings. My D.O.B is July 16, 1983. I live in Lahore (Pakistan) and belong to a Muslim Family.

I received my first Spanking from my father at the age of 4 or 5 years (not sure), when I used bottle of milk (baby bottle). I was making noise at night when he lost his temper. He picked up his hard soled shoe and gave me three hard smacks on my young bottom (not nude). I could not forget that bad pain. I wept and cried very loudly. I thought if I received one more, I could not bear it and would become senseless. My mom saved me at that time and took me to bed and gave me a milk bottle (baby bottle). But the pain was so intense that it was unbearable for me. I could not drink the milk. My mom laid me on the bed face down and back up. Then she pulled down my trousers and checked the marks. I felt a strange sensation/shame in my body. After a few minutes she did this again and I felt shy again. The next morning she told my father that a mark of his shoe sole had appeared on my bottom. Papa held me close to him and caressed my hair. I was angry and didn't want to be close to him but could not refuse.

One more spanking I remember was when I threw a shoe/slipper into the fruit basket when he was cleaning fruits with water. After that I ran to the bed room where mom was, but I could not tell her anything to save me (as I was ashamed). Suddenly Father came in with a big soled shoe/slipper and gave me three of the hardest whacks on my buttocks which were really unbearable for me. Mom saved me again.

One more hard spanking I remember was when I threw sand in my sister's eyes by mistake while we played outside. She started weeping. Papa had viewed it from the balcony. I smiled because I was ashamed (but afraid). He came down, gave me one shoe spank in public (this was not so hard) but I started weeping. He took me into our home. In the house he gave me three more of the hardest shoe spanks on my bottom in front of my Mom, Sister and Elder brother. Now I cried and wept loudly with pain. I wanted to rub and clutch my buttocks but could not do this due to shame/shyness as I had been beaten in front of my family. Mom saved me and rubbed my buttocks and put her hands on my buttocks and held them (not nude). I felt some satisfaction/heat. After that I went to the bathroom and looked my bottom in the mirror. A big sensation was aroused in me. I was amazed that my buttocks were still so red and that the shoe sole mark was also visible. Now perhaps, I had became a
Spankophile/Spanko/Masochist. But I didn't know what sex was at that time since I was a child.

After that whenever I recalled my spanking, a strange pleasure arose in my body. When saw any spanking scene in a movie, real life, a novel, or I heard about it, the same desire arose in my body. Whenever I disobeyed my mother and she said to me with a laugh "don't you remember your father's big shoe on your bottom?" Oh... a strong and strange pleasure/shame/shyness arose in my body which is not describable in words. I have not written about more of my home spankings and school punishments as I don't want to make this letter too long.


One time papa was not at home. I took his big shoe and went to the bathroom. I checked it on my own bottom. Oh! A pleasure was aroused until I was trembling with joy. I smacked more times with the shoe on my bottom with more force. It was nearly the same as when my father had beaten me. My eyes were full of tears. I gave myself as many with full force as I could. The loud sound of the shoe made me crazy/mad until it became unbearable for me to continue. Then I looked my buttocks in the mirror. They were as bright red, flushed and sore as when my father had beaten them. In this way I became a self-spanker to this day.

Finally, I am sad now because I cannot tell this to anyone and I also worry about marriage problems as I cannot find any female of this nature in Pakistan. But my search continues.

Posted by Drooaygah:

Re: variouss0241. Really surprising stuff given that spankings are sorta "politically incorrect" these days. Was the "bare bottom" line in the original strip, or did someone add it?

[HandPrince responds: The reference to "bare" behind was added in variouss0241, but the hairbrush and the spanking promise by Heart's mother were definitely in the original strip. This was the first time readers of the strip learned that Heart gets spankings, although not the last. One would assume otherwise given how much infuriating behavior Heart's mother put up with in the strip up until that point. I am glad Heart is fictional and not a real little girl because otherwise I would be worried about her. For a full year of strips Heart's Mom's frustration must have been building and now it is going to explode into a spanking. This is exactly how thousands of physical child abuse episodes happen in real life. I am also glad Heart is fictional because even if her Mom doesn't lose it and spank abusively, having her Mom inflict pain on her won't teach her why her behavior was wrong. What Heart's character lacked was a sense of empathy for the old woman who might have had a heart attack etc. Being spanked with a hairbrush by her mother wouldn't teach Heart that kind of lesson even if she were a real little girl rather than a comic character.

Oh yes, the punch line in variouss0242 is not the same as in the original, and in this case the original punchline had no spanking connotation.]

Posted by HandPrince:

In the popular Showtime TV series, "Big Love," about a fictional Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) polygamous family, one element notably absent is any hint that the children ever get spanked.

But by all accounts, spankings and plenty of them are the norm in real life FLDS polygamous families. Imagine you are a kid with not only a mother and father who can spank you, but with several additional "celestial mothers" who also can spank you and your numerous siblings and half-siblings.

In her 2007 book, "Escape," Carolyn Jessop writes about growing up as a sixth generation polygamist in the FLDS enclave of Colorado City, AZ. For her and her sisters, spankings were literally daily events:

(p. 12-13) What I did love about my mother was her beauty. In my eyes, she was gorgeous. She dressed with pride and care. Like my father, she was tall and thin. The clothes she made for herself and my sisters and me were exquisite. She always picked the best fabrics. She knew how to make pleats and frills. I remember beaming when someone would praise my mother for her well-mannered and well-dressed children. Everyone in the community thought she was an exceptional mother.

But that was the public facade. In private, my mother was depressed and volatile. She beat us almost every day. The range was anything from several small swats on the behind to a lengthy whipping with a belt...

I feared her, but my fear made me a student of her behavior. I watched her closely and realized that even though she slapped us throughout the day, she never spanked us more than once a day. The morning swats were never that intense or prolonged. The real danger came in late afternoon, when she was in the depths of her sorrow.

I concluded that if I got my spanking early in the morning and got it out of the way, I would basically have a free pass for the rest of the day. As soon as Mama got up, I knew I had a spanking coming. [My sisters] Linda and Annette quickly caught on to what I was doing, and they tried to get their spankings out of the way in the morning, too.

There were several times when my mother spanked me and then screamed and screamed at me. "I'm going to give you a beating you'll never forget! I am not going to stop beating you until you shut up and stop crying! You make me so mad! How could you be so stupid!" Even though it's been decades, her screams still echo inside me when I think about her.

I remember overhearing my mother say to a relative, "I just don't understand what has gotten into my three daughters. As soon as I am out of bed every morning, they are so bad that no matter how much I warn them, they will just not be quiet until I give them all a spanking. After they have all gotten a spanking, then everything calms down and we can all get on with our day."

When my mother beat me, she would always say she was doing it because she loved me. So I used to wish that she didn't love me. I was afraid of her, but I would also get angry at her when she hit me. After she beat me she insisted on giving me a hug. I hated that. The hug didn't make the spanking stop hurting. It didn't fix anything.

I never told my father about the beatings because it was such an accepted part of our culture. What my mother was doing would be considered "good discipline." My mother saw herself as raising righteous children and felt teaching us obedience was one of her most important responsibilities. Spanking your children was widely seen as the way to reach that goal. It wasn't considered abuse; it was considered good parenting.

(p. 16) My Grandmother Jenny was one of the buffers between us and our mother's volatility. I learned early on as a child to be a barometer for my mother's mood swings. Her moods could change hour to hour; I always had to pay attention to which frame of mind she was in and adapt accordingly. But Grandma gave Mother some breathing room, especially when the smaller children were driving her crazy. Whatever my mother's mental issues were, she was overall a much better mother than many of the women in the community. Grandma came over almost every day and helped care for us. If she got to our house early enough in the morning, there would be no spankings.

(pp. 30-31) [My cousin] Shannon was sitting in the grass stirring a big bowl of punch. She had cups and passed out drinks to all of us. We were having a fine time, savoring our freedom and catching up with our cousins. But it was short-lived. One of the younger boys came running out with the news that Shannon had stolen the punch and that [the younger boy's] mother, our Aunt Charlotte, planned to spank everyone involved.

Shannon was guilty. She'd gone to Aunt Charlotte and said she needed a package of Kool-Aid for Aunt Elaine, which was untrue. Someone squealed on her when we were spotted out in the orchard drinking punch. Now anyone with punch-stained lips might be spanked.

Shannon said she didn't care if Aunt Charlotte spanked her. "Why?" I said. I hated spankings.

Shannon was very matter-of-fact. "Aunt Naomi's spankings are way too hard. They're so bad, they're ridiculous. Mom's spankings are so soft you have to pretend that you're crying. But Aunt Charlotte's spankings are just right."

I didn't think a spanking could ever be just right. So I asked Shannon what she meant. "It's like this," she said. "You never know how many swats you are going to get from the other moms, but Aunt Charlotte gives you two swats for every year old you are. If you scream really loud, she thinks she's hurting you and doesn't swat so hard."

Shannon's optimism brought a new mood to the orchard. She got about a dozen brothers and sisters together and told them they need to play the game they always did when they were getting a spanking from Aunt Charlotte.

She ran through the drill. First they had to act extremely sorry for what they had done. Then they had to promise that if Aunt Charlotte would forgive them, they'd never again do whatever they'd done. If Aunt Charlotte still insisted on spanking them, everyone would act scared, start crying, and beg her not to. This sometimes made Aunt Charlotte feel guilty enough to reduce the number of swats.

When it was time to spank those involved in the punch theft, we all trooped inside. I lucked out. Even though I'd had some punch, I got to stay downstairs with some of the others who weren't being spanked. I was surprised by the volume of screaming coming from upstairs. I said to my cousin Jayne, "I thought that Aunt Charlotte's spankings were just right. It sounds like she's killing everyone."

Jayne told me, "They are just trying to make her think she's killing them. If everyone in the room screams loudly enough, then the person getting the swats has less screaming to do and gets a spanking that doesn't hurt very bad. We always do this to Aunt Charlotte."

"What about Aunt Elaine?" I asked. Jayne looked at me like I was a little bit crazy. "No, we don't need to bother her because you can't usually feel her spankings. And we don't do it to my mother because she doesn't buy the act."

I nodded. Aunt Charlotte probably thought that day that she was giving everyone a correction. But for those involved, this was just another game. Nevertheless, it was a game I had no interest in playing.

Minutes after the spankings ended, everyone marched downstairs, and shortly all of us were laughing and smiling again. It was as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, and for us it hadn't.

(p. 36) [In elementary school] I saw teachers beat students with yardsticks until they broke the yardstick. It wasn't uncommon during a school assembly for the principal to kick and slap students around onstage for the entire school to witness. He did this to terrify students so that no one would ever want to be sent to the principal's office. When he singled out a student, he chose one whose parents he knew wouldn't complain. It was common practice at school to make an example of one student so others would comply. Whenever we walked in lines there would be an adult assigned to monitor us with a yardstick.

Carolyn Jessop holding a childhood photo of herself.


There Was a Little Girl
by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

There was a little girl,
And she had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good
She was very, very good,
And when she was bad she was horrid.

One day she went upstairs,
When her parents, unawares,
In the kitchen were occupied with meals,
And she stood upon her head
In her little trundle-bed,
And then began hooraying with her heels.

Her mother heard the noise,
And she thought it was the boys
A-playing at a combat in the attic;
But when she climbed the stair,
And found Jemima there,
She took and she did spank her most emphatic.

This poem may perhaps have been based upon a real life incident involving one of Longfellow's three daughters whom he immortalized in his poem "The Children's Hour" as: "Grave Alice [1850-1928] and laughing Allegra [1855-1934] and Edith with golden hair [1853-1915]." My guess is that it was Allegra, and that her name was changed to Jemima, (which has the same meter as "Allegra"), for publication purposes.

By mid-nineteenth century standards "Jemima" was doubly naughty. For one thing she was noisy instead of quiet and sweet, something which was more strongly enforced in girls than in boys. (One wonders if her mother had found "the boys" responsible for the racket if she would have spanked them also, or merely told them to quiet down some). And since in those days girls always wore skirts, standing on her head was immodest. Clearly a "most emphatic" spanking was called for.

Speaking of nineteenth century poems in which little girls get spanked, here is verse III from Joseph Ashby-Sterry's poem, "The Seven Ages of Girlhood":

"At Eight, her troubles come in scores,
For oft she is perverse and haughty;
A pouting puss in pinafores --
Who's sometimes whipped when she is naughty!"

Does anyone know any backround about this poem or author?

Posted by HandPrince:

In her 2005 autobiography, "Reading Under The Covers," Elizabeth Goodell Russell writes about growing up Puritan in Connecticut in the 1920's:

"My mother spanked me until I was in junior high school and told me I would never go to heaven behaving as I did. I remember her watching me, always watching me, as if to catch me doing something wrong. During these years I kept my sense of wonder well hidden but it didn't die. ... I learned to read early, however, which I was not supposed to do. My mother called it "a sinful indulgence and a waste of time." But books let me escape into a world where people had adventures and lived lives totally different from my own. For many years I read by flashlight under the covers in my bed." (p.3)

"Momma spanked me often. I always hated it and rarely understood why I was being spanked. When I wanted to feel sorry for myself I would go into my room, shut the door, climb up on a chair in front of my dresser mirror and look at the big red swelling on my backside, the mark made by the hairbrush she used. That hairbrush was part of a matching set of brush, comb, hand mirror and hair receiver, all silver trimmed and sitting on her bureau on one of the lace doilies she had everywhere. I hated that hairbrush and sometimes would go into Momma's room and think about throwing it out the window or smashing it on the floor but I knew that if I got caught Momma would wallop me with something even worse than the hairbrush. Most of the time I refused to cry when she spanked me. She would tell my father about my not crying and he'd say, with admiration in his voice, 'She's a spunky little thing.'" (p. 11)

"When I was in the second grade, Momma was driving home from town one day and saw me walking from school with a little colored girl friend who lived farther down East Broadway, where most colored people lived. Mother rolled down the car window and shouted at me, 'Elizabeth! Get in the car this minute!' Then she took me home and spanked me while scolding me. 'You know you are not supposed to play with coloreds. There are enough children of your own kind to play with. Now don't make me have to tell you that again!'" (p. 17)

As a little girl, Elizabeth Russell's mother wanted her to read only the Bible and school books, but Elizabeth often disobeyed and read other books anyway. She writes: "The titles intrigued me. I understood little of what I read but just enough to know that Momma would spank me if she caught me reading it. It had language not used in our home. My favorite books were The Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew mysteries and books that made me cry, like Little Women." (p. 18)

"I stirred up trouble between my parents. Their quarrels were mostly about me. Momma spanked me often and I usually complained to Daddy who said spanking wasn't necessary. Momma's response was always, 'I'm the one bringing her up. If it was up to you, she'd do anything she wanted.'"

Posted by Elly:

I am at an age to have more memories than future... I sometimes envy girls born later - I thought that I was alone in the world with my interests... I often blamed it on my poor mother, of whom I was very fond and who was very fond of me. Having to raise a big family on a small salary of her husband however made a certain dose of strictness inevitable. Girls had to be nice and well educated, while I was a more boyish girl, little but a bit provocative.

Even as a little child, I both feared and was attracted by a spanking. Not the smack for the bottom or the swift but painful swat with a fly swatter on a thigh or calf, but the ritual good old spanking.

The spanking implement of choice was most often a light wooden spatula, kept in a separate drawer and only used for spanking. I am the fourth of a family of eight, all girls... Sometimes, it was all a bit too much for my poor mother. When she was very angry, the condemned had to go to the small kitchen. Mother went to the only kitchen chair and I had to lay over her knees. She got rid of the skirt and underskirt, and more often than not she pulled down my underpants "to make it smart more".

Then came the spatula down in quick, unyielding succession, left, right, up, down, everywhere. That part of me was well padded and pretty resistant and I could take a bit, but the strokes kept coming down, one sharp sting after the other. The light flat spatula was rather harmless, but after a while it was slapping down on hot burning cheeks and legs, the stinging intensifying at each swat. I cried and squirmed, but tried to avoid increasing her anger by "disobedience," "stubbornness" or "resistance," trying to just let it happen while my little bottom was toasted.

It always stopped suddenly, I had to apologise and to stand a while in the corner of the kitchen till my sobbing was over. The stings would burn a while, but the day after no traces were left.

My mother is now 90. We are a close knit family and we all still very much love her for all she gave us, inclusive the occasional burning bottom.

Posted by HandPrince:

Amy Goodman anchors the five night a week New York based public affairs show, "Democracy Now!," which is shown on hundreds of outlets throughout the USA.

She is the coauthor of two books along with her younger brother, David. Their first was, "The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them" (2004), and their most recent is "Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People who Fight Back" (2006).

At one of her book signing events I personally heard her share a story from circa 1967 when David was eight years old. David had started his own family newspaper using an old mimeograph machine in his room which went to all members of their extended family (subscription price: one penny a year). Apparently, among other news scoops, he reported his ten year old sister Amy's spankings.

According to Amy's account at the book signing, David had one news flash: "MOMMY SPANKED AMY ON WEDNESDAY," which finally led to their mother banning any further airing of family "dirty laundry" in David's newspaper. This, Amy explained, "caused David to cry 'censorship.' He literally cried. After all, he was only eight years old!"

Despite David's tears, Mommy apparently made her 'censorship' stick, though. (If big sister Amy wasn't too old for Mommy to spank that year, then little brother David presumably wasn't either).

The Washington Post once wrote: "[Amy] Goodman grew up a movement child, the daughter of radical parents in Bayshore, N.Y., across from Fire Island."  Her mother apparently wasn't too "radical" to give her spankings when she was little, though. Fortunately all those spankings didn't make her grow up afraid to ask powerful people tough questions on the air. (While he was still US President, Bill Clinton once complained that Amy Goodman was "hostile, combative and even disrespectful." I say, good for her!).

I just heard Amy Goodman tell this story earlier this month. So I guess it is 'breaking news' of a sort.

I wonder what sort of relationship Amy and David had as children. They seem to get along very well now, but that doesn't necessarily say anything about the presence or absence of sibling rivalry in their childhoods. One can easily imagine an eight year old boy whose ten year old sister just got spanked walking up and down the hall past her bedroom door saying: "Extra! Extra! Read all abooooout it! Mommy gives Amy a spannnnng kinnnnn! Extra! Extra!"

On the other hand, for all I know, eight year old David may have idolized his big sister and wouldn't have dreamed of teasing her after her spankings. Maybe he just put the incidents into his little newspaper because it was his journalistic duty to report family events as they occurred.

Amy gave no indication of what sorts of things she was spanked for and I didn't ask her. But one wonders if her career-long penchant for (in her words) "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable" had its roots in her childhood, with her mother trying unsuccessfully to spank away that uncompromising anti-authoritarian attitude of hers. Now she gets to talk back to heads of state and other big shots on her show, some of whom have probably secretly wished she weren't too big for them to spank.

As she puts it, "journalism should be Fourth Estate, not For The State."

I also wonder what exactly her mother's problem was with David's family newspaper reports about Amy's spankings. Presumably the grandparents and other extended family members all knew that the Goodman children were spanked. This was a middle class Jewish family in the 1960's and spankings as discipline would have been the rule rather than the exception. My guess is that the 'MOMMY SPANKED AMY AGAIN' news items were an embarrassment to Mom because of how frequent they were. Research with parents keeping "discipline diaries" has found that parents routinely underestimate how often they spank their children unless they keep a written record. Perhaps Mom just didn't want the number of times she took her ten year old daughter over her knee to be quite so carefully documented and reported to all the relatives. Just speculating...

Posted by Elly:

The electric chair for teenagers, or "Elly in the ice"

Playing on ice were one of our greatest joys. Off course, mother wouldn't allow us going on the ice after a first few nights of freezing, but did mother needed to know? I was twelve, Coby ten, Margot nine and Joke (wee Jo) seven. So we tried the ice, first very prudent, gradually more daring. But in a natural pond with springs, over a spring the ice stays longer thin. Suddenly, a big crack, the ice gave way and I fell in the water. I had ground under foot, but I had to break my way like an ice breaker. It was freezing with windchill and it was a twenty minute walk to home. I literally ran for my life. Mother helped me out of my clothes and in the warm shower, rubbing arm and legs with a hot towel to get me warm again - I was shaking so hard I wouldn't have been able even to get out of my coat or open the shower. When I got warmer, she left me there to unfreeze.

After a while, we were all warming up, all four in our bathrobes, huddled around the hot stove. Mama came in and looked at me. My heart fell to the middle of the earth. I had been the oldest, she had trusted me. I had let her down. Joke was the first to go to the kitchen, and spilled all the beans. We heard the calm scolding of mother and the increasing sobbing of Joke. And then came the half minute cries, howls and sharp little smacks of the spanking spoon applied to young buttocks. Joke came back, tiptoeing, one hand holding her ear in the firm grip of my mother, her other firmly pressed against her seat. She was put on her knees in the naughty corner, arms nicely folded. Then Margot went to the kitchen, a whiter shade of pale. Margot was a real Margot, a very girly girl and a big cry-baby. She soon howled as if she was skinned alive. Coby and I grinned to each other. It was a bit sad for Margot but it was great fun to hear her spanked. Margot came back, red faced, all tears and spit. Coby went, as stoic as Margot was a sissy. Only at the very end I imagined soft sobs. When Coby came back, on stiff legs indicating a sore bottom, it was my turn. I was high on fear and guilt.

I was the eldest of us there on the ice, and I should have known better. I should never have taken my sisters on the ice. What if little Joke had fallen in, what if I wouldn't have got her out?? I knew, I knew. I was a big girl, past Holy Communion, I got sentenced to the breadboard, the electric chair for young teenagers. I dropped my bathrobe and mama bent me over her leg, grabbing me firmly in my middle, and taking my right wrist. She pulled me over and down, so that I dropped on my left hand while my legs were pushed down with her free leg. My bottom was as solidly sealed as my fate. As a young kid, I just went over the lap, but as a big girl, going over the knee like this made you feel totally helpless and the least you might say was that it was not a very honourable position. As a bonus, it focused all my attention to my well stretched seat, naked and vulnerable. I wondered how much it would hurt, but I steeled myself. I would take it like a big girl.

Within seconds, a loud BANG sounded through the kitchen. Did that make a lot of noise. A split second later, burning pain radiated from my bottom till the fillings of my teeth. That big board was ten times bigger than the spanking spoon, slapped down ten times harder on every bit of my seat and hurt hundred times worse than the spanking spoon. Within two seconds the second smack landed, and then the third and then the fourth. That board hit the same spot over again, sending increasing waves of burning fire. I tried to lay down calm and resigned, but my body just didn't want to listen. I took less seconds than Margot, the repeated blows hitting the same spot sapped all resolve. I couldn't even begin to stand the accumulating waves of pain. My whole attention was focused on my burning bum, expecting the next stroke to be even more painful. If it came, the shock of the pain felt likely a lot worse than it was, while the breadboard was already raising and falling for the next one.
I didn't want to resist, and even less look as if I was resisting, but it was stronger than me. I wriggled, squirmed and struggled. Mama kept me only tighter, the board kept falling down steady. I stopped fighting the pain and yelled and cried and howled in the rhythm of the blows, pleading for mercy. The breadboard certainly provided for long lasting memories.

A loveless adult can hit a child black and blue with such a board, but she was my mother: strict but caring, determined but prudent, only trying to do the right thing. Love well, spank well. She obviously avoided to hit hard, but provided maximum sting, burn and fear by the repetition. Imagination and guilt did the rest. Embarrassment was part of the hard moral lesson. Hanging over the knee of my mother, the spanking reduced me to a naughty, disobedient little cry-baby. It was tough, but tender. It feels good if a mother is caring deeply for you. And the best of it: after a minute of hell on your buttocks, it was all over and it would only get better.

I joined the crew in the naughty corner, four in a row. I must have looked a lot worse than Margot. Coby hissed, "Wow, you got the breadboard." I silently nodded. "Was it bad?" I just looked at her, my face red as a tomato still covered in big tears. "Wow." She seemed to bloody look forward to a turn with the breadboard to prove she was not such a cry baby.

[HandPrince replies: I expected a different ending to your story, Elly. I thought you were going to run back to the lake with your freshly spanked bottom still burning hot, sit down on the ice to cool it off, melt through the ice, fall in again...]

Posted by "no one special":

When I was just a little girl
Of six, or eight, or ten,
And got myself in trouble
(Which I did do, now and then)
My Mommy would admonish me
Then take me by my hand,
And put me down across her lap
To get my bottom tanned!

She'd make me lift my skirt in back
Because that way I'd show
I knew my spanking was deserved,
(It always was, I know)
Then next my little cotton briefs
She also would divest,
Because a bare skin spanking
Always disciplined me best.

And when I was as naughty
As a little girl can be,
(Like when I tore my Sunday dress
While climbing in a tree);
I'd get a special spanking,
With my panties down, you know,
Given with Mom's wooden hairbrush;
Gosh, that made my backside glow!

As Mommy's hairbrush smacked me
On my sore and pink behind
I'd promise: "I'll be good, oh yes!"
"I'll really try to mind!"
"I won't be naughty Mommy, please!"
"Don't spank me any more!"
(But promises come easy
When your bottom's pink and sore!).

A week or two would pass
And I'd forget what I had said,
Forget how I had felt then
With my bottom sore and red.
Forget what I had promised,
All my begging, all my pleas;
And I'd find myself bare bottom
Once again 'cross Mommy's knees.

If I thought a hairbrush spanking
Was a fate I soon would know,
I would beg and plead for mercy
Of course, it made no diff'rence
What I said or what I did;
She'd have me with my panties down
A howling, well-spanked kid.

My Mommy's spankings really stung,
They always made me cry;
But looking back these many years
There's no way to deny
That even though they hurt a lot
I'm so glad that I got'em.
'Cause Mommy taught me right from wrong
By spanking my bare bottom!

Posted by HandPrince

[October 19, 2012]  "In a press release issued this week, the Department of Justice announced that Christjan Bee, 36, of Monett, Missouri, pleaded guilty before U.S. Magistrate Judge James C. England to possessing obscenity for a collection of comics on his computer. Government prosecutors are recommending a prison sentence of three years without parole."

Click on the link above for the full article. 

According to United States Code, Section 1466A, it is illegal for:

    Any person who ... knowingly produces, distributes, receives, or possesses with intent to distribute, a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that -
    (2)(A) depicts an image that is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in graphic... sadistic or masochistic abuse...

   So, today people are getting arrested for comic books featuring make-believe pen-and-ink Japanese schoolgirls being raped in every orifice at once by multi-tentacled aliens.  Tomorrow will they be going after people for possession of Droo's "Cynthia Visits The Spankers?"

   The original justification for creating a special exception to the First Amendment allowing criminalization of images of sexual behavior, abuse, or arousal in minors was that the State had a compelling need to protect the real-life child in the photo or video.  That justification has fallen by the wayside and police and court resources are now devoted to protecting imaginary child victims of fictional child abuse in comic books. 

    The scope of banned images and speech will continue to widen unless stopped.  Write your newspaper or representative and express your outrage that people are going to prison in the Land Of The Free for possession of a comic book!  Handprints viewers are also encouraged to join the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.


Posted by overlap

Mother: Kaylee, it's time to get up!

Kaylee: I don't wanna get up!

Mother: You have to get up now or you'll be late for school.

Kaylee: I don't care, I hate school!

[5 minutes later]

Mother: Kaylee?!? If you don't get your bottom out of bed this instant, I'm coming up there with the hairbrush!

Kaylee: Awww, I'm coming... but I still hate school!

Mother: Why do you hate school so much, darling?

Kaylee: The work is too hard, the teachers all hate me and the kids make fun of me behind my back.

Mother: Well you'll just have to get beyond that and do your best.

Kaylee: Why should I?

Mother: First of all, I didn't raise you to be a quitter. Second, you're not too big to go over my knee. And third, You're the %##@^& principal!

Posted by overlap


"The various nursery rhyme tile mosaics on the walls of the Royal Alexandra Hospital make up some of the coolest public art in the city. Where else, for instance, can you see a promiscuous, shoe-dwelling crone spanking her child's bare ass on the side of a children's ward?"

Posted by overlap

Here are some cute little essays, done as an assignment in 2011, by schoolgirls in the Paris area:

My name is Chloe. I am 9 years old. I'm a girl. I am 1 meter 31. I weigh 27 kilos 4. I have blue eyes. I live in France in a building on the 3rd floor. I have light brown hair. I am of French origin. I have a little sister. I have a cat. I do gymnastics on Wednesday. I'm curious. With my sister Eden, we played "tag" and we dropped a chair. This chair toppled the small closet that collapsed on the floor and broke. The trophy of my mother was in there! My grandfather was furious and my father too. As for my mother, she was heartbroken. And then the spanking came. We earned a good spanking, of the kind: buttocks in fire! You may be sure: it hurt too badly! And we will never play 'tag' again in the room.

I am called Adelaide. I am 9 years old. I'm a girl. I am 1 meter 40. I weigh 34 kilos. I have brown hair. I have brown eyes. They are big. I live in a house. I am of French origin. I have four brothers. I have a cat. It is called "Fiji". On Wednesday, I play sports. The last spanking happened when I made fire with a lamp and a fan. My mother was furious. For my father-he was not too angry. But then my mother arrived, I dropped my panties and whack! whack!. Spanking hurts!

My name is Laura. I am 8 years old. I'm a girl. I am 1 meter 20. I weigh 23 kilos 4. I live in a building. I have long blond hair and I have blue eyes. I have two sisters. My grandfather lives with us. I love my mother and my grandfather. I put a bucket of paint over a door and when my mother came, she took the bucket on the head. My mother wanted to spank me, but I ran and I told the story to my grandfather. He did not laugh and gave me the spanking. I was afraid of my grandfather. After the spanking I was angry at him, but I laughed at my stupidity because my mother had red hair.

I'm Oxanne. I am 9 years old. I'm a girl. I 1 meter 38. I weigh 32 kilos. I have brown hair. I have brown eyes. My biggest mistake came in the following way: my brother and I we had: a beautiful, beautiful design ... on the wall. Of course my mother cried a lot and my dad gave us a spanking. And yet it was a beautiful drawing on the wall!

I'm Nadira Ola. I am 9 years old. I'm a girl. I am 1 meter 32. I weigh 29 kilos. I have light brown hair. I have brown and green eyes. I live in a building. I am originally from Algeria. I have a sister her name is Baya. My pet animal is a hamster, it's called "Honey." My father is Reida Hamed. My mother's name Ouardia. They are super nice. This happened during the "weekend." I had a bag of balloons with me. I began to fill them with water. I was with Laura and Oxanne. They came to my house to play. We played in the garden. We had a contest who would launch his balloon filled with water as high as possible. Of course, at some point, Laura has aimed badly and the ball landed on the balcony of the neighbors. They came. My parents told the two girls to leave, to go home. My mother was very angry. My father was not angry at all. My sister was not there. When the neighbors came ringing, we were hiding. It was I who took the spanking. It was not very hard, but it hurt and it was not I who had thrown the balloon..

I'm Jana. I was 8 and a half years. I'm a girl. I measure about 1 meter 38. I weigh 34 kilos. I have blond hair. I have blue eyes. They are of medium size. I live in a building in Treviso Plessis. I'm of Serbian origin. I have a little brother. I have no pets. I dance. I have a very nice family. That's my stupidity: One day I spilled chocolate ice cream on the floor. Then I broke eggs on top of it. My mother was very angry. My father was angrier than my mother. My grandmother found it funny and my grandfather was a little angry. My brother was laughing. And I got the spanking of my life. During the spanking, it hurt very much. And after that I calmed down. I will never do again such nonsense.

I'm Emanuela. I am 10 years old. I'm a girl. I am of average height. I have light brown hair. I have brown eyes and of medium size. I live in a house. I'm originally from Moldova. I have sisters. I have a fish. I bike and love rollerblading in the street. I have a mother who cares for me. My father works on a construction site. My cousins live with their mother and father. Their mother is the sister of my father. I like the pupils.
One day, with my sisters, we played tea. Then we pretended to drink water. Gabriela then took a cup and threw it at us. I took the garden hose and I made them wet too. Then we all three started a water fight. We were wet, soaked. My mom arrived, but we did not know, we did not see her. Then when I turned with the hose: she stood there! And I soaked her! I dropped the hose and I ran to save me. And my sisters ran with me. But it's always the adults who win. We took off our wet clothes and we got a spanking. I screamed like crazy and my sisters too. Consequences that we have learned all three: Now we play with water in secret and we take care our mom does not see us!

Posted by: overlap
Homepage URL:     http://healthland.time.com/2011/06/28/would-you-record-yourself-spanking-your-kids/
Comments:    New study collected audio recordings of dozens of parents spanking their children in the home.

Posted by: anon

Advice From 1925 -- Proper spanking: the manner
     (Mariam Fredrick, 1925; edited)

  "The greatest care should be taken by the parent when spanking the child. She has her temper under control and is fully conscious of her duty. She should lead the child to the chair and calmly explain to him or her the cause and necessity of the spanking. She takes down the clothes, to expose entirely the bottom. She then turns the child across the lap. She raises her hand and then slaps it down with a swinging movement of the full arm, hitting one buttock at a time with measured force. The hand should be flexible and its full breadth applied to a single buttock. Before the child goes across the knee, she should determine the severity of the spanking and she should not allow squirming, crying or screaming to influence her towards leniency.

  "What constitutes a good spanking? It stands to reason that the slaps should be not so hard and many in the case of a young preschool child as in that of a sturdy boy of school age. However, you have exposed the bottom and have turned the child across the knee to cause sufficient pain. Both physical and mental effects are important, but the best results of a proper spanking come when the child has been soundly spanked, his bottom "well reddened": very red, warm cheeks in a most unpleasant burning sensation for a few moments. A well warmed little bottom means a very uncomfortable child feeling very sorry while lying across the lap. Spank hard till there is childish reformation. This is one of the great advantages spanking has over other forms of corporal punishment. Any woman can punish severely, and knows how severely she is punishing while not going overboard.

  "There is a minimum of the number of slaps that at a real spanking should be given. I do not call it a spanking if there be given less than twenty sharp slaps on the bare bottom. In the case of a sturdy, very naughty boy of six, I have spanked for all of two minutes. This is why I get results most satisfactory after a few spankings, where other parents have failed after months, yes years, of 'disciplining'.. The bottom is, indeed, very red and warm. But not the slightest injury has been done, and after a few such spankings, good behaviour will replace misbehaviour. I call this a correction that corrects.

  "It is a crime to let children go on day after day a disgrace to their parents and a source of annoyance to all who come in contact with the children when correct punishment can and will make them lovable little creatures. Nearly every failure in systematic spanking is traceable to the fact that the spanking has not been sufficiently severe. I can not conceive of the normal child receiving proper spankings and not striving to mend his ways: to avoid such punishment. Make your spankings good, and the child will think twice before it disobeys.

  "Spanking as a tried and true remedy has been thrown out, branded as worthless, because of the insufficient application. I feel sad when I think about all the good that proper spankings could do for millions of children, and no good is done because mothers ignore common sense advice and give full credence to sentimentalism. Any child can be given a sound spanking on its bare bottom, experiencing that annoying sting, but no harshness, no cruelty is there. The child knows when there is a real punishment available. In few spankings, you will have obedience. And although you spank soundly, your children will love you and want to be with you. Children are aware of their need for rules: living in a world without rules and guidance is scary.

  "Why insist on the bottom being bare? For two reasons: mental and physical effect. The child will readily see the seriousness of the correction if the parent takes down his clothes. Then, for the physical. Regardless how thin the garments are, slaps will not have the same keen, stinging effect as they will if the skin be bare. I know prudes who object to such conduct, but these same prudes see nothing wrong in exposing the child's body for bath, etc. If spankings are given only by loving parents, this argument cannot be upheld. Suppose a bare bottom spanking does cause some humiliation, such is needed at times. Just such punishment will take unjustified pride out of a child.

  "Why continue to spank when a few slaps on the bare flesh have already caused no small amount of pain? A child, who has been soundly spanked will, when inclined to misbehave, recall the experience of increasing pain and therefore refrain from misconduct. I do not enjoy, any mother will not enjoy, spanking until there is pain and increased pain, but my experience is that the average child, be he little tot or sturdy boy, will, after a few real spankings, make every effort to avoid such punishment and therefore, behave. Why endure naughtiness? The child stays across the knee, and receives stinging slaps on its bare seat till good conduct in future is assured. It is painful, but not cruel. It will take months if not years before the child will need more than a simple warning that a proper spanking will come. Spanking the bare bottom, using your hand only, is not harsh. The spanking is executed by a mother or father, loving her children and loving her children as the men and women of tomorrow. The worst stinging will take at most minutes and, without doubt, the child corrected with systematic spanking will soon learn obedience and respect."

Name:     overlap
Homepage URL:     http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/history/scotlandonfilm/forum/childhood/thread21.shtml
Comments:    1950's CHILDHOOD DISCIPLINE

Sarah Forsyth from Edinburgh.

My father was quite a disciplinarian, and, as the head of the household, his word was law. Not that he ever hit us; one look was usually quite sufficient! He expected good behaviour at all times, table manners and politeness, no arguing or answering back.

The phrases "don't speak until you are spoken to", "waste not, want not", "no dumb insolence", "respect your elders and betters" were drummed into us, and I can't say that it did us much harm!

If we went out for a meal (a rare treat in those days), our behaviour had to be exemplary: the worst sin of all was to annoy other diners. Rather different to nowadays when kids seems to take over the whole dining-room!

One episode clearly sticks in my mind when I was 8 years old. I had gone into a neighbour's garden and pulled up some flowers, and she, quite rightly, dragged me home and complained to my father who happened to answer the door. I was summarily taken upstairs and my bare bottom thoroughly smacked by my mother, then I was put to bed in disgrace. Some time later, I had to get up and dressed, and my mother took me round to the neighbour so that I could explain why I had pulled up her flowers, and apologise. 40 years later, I can still recall the stinging of my mother's hand on my bottom, and the embarrassment I felt.

I wonder how parents today would deal with such an incident? At least my parents cared enough to show their displeasure at my behaviour, even if it seems somewhat heavy-handed looking back

Lorna Davidson from Inverness.

I was interested to read Sarah Forsyth's account of parental control in the 1950's.

I grew up a decade later in the 1960's but my experiences were similar.

I can remember two instances in particular.

My parents were decent people who believed in children being raised in the proper manner.

We were well loved and they gave us everything that they could afford, but at the same time they showed us who was in charge.

I vividly recall one instance when I was 10 years old. We lived close by a small stream and we kids had been forbidden to play near it for obvious safety reasons.

One day I persuaded my younger brother to explore with me and led him down towards the forbidden stream. In the course of our playing he slipped and fell into the water. Not too serious as only his legs went in but he ran home crying. My mother was furious with me for disobeying her orders and after drying off my little brother she took me across her knee and gave me a good hard smacking on my bare bottom.

I can still remember how much it hurt, not just my bottom, but my pride, as this was the one and only time that I ever had my pants taken down for a smacking.

The second incident occured about five years later when I was in third year at secondary school.

One day my friend and I decided that a trip to the local shops one afternoon would be more fun than attending school.

As luck would have it someone recognised us and contacted the school. In these days there was only one punishment for truancy and next morning we found ourselves in the headmaster's office.

The six strokes of the belt which me and my friend each received taught me a lesson I'll never forget.

I held no grudges against my mother or the headmaster as I deserved what I got and perhaps a little more discipline like that could help to solve some of the problems with kids nowadays.

Anna Rastrelli from Italy.

I'm Italian (please, forgive my English!), born in 1947, and reading your messages makes me think that my experience is not so different! Sarah Forsyth and Lorna Davidson's accounts are very interesting, as well as the school days recollections of many people here.

In our family discipline was mainly a mother thing. Our father worked long hours and when he came back home he expected to find waiting for him a smiling wife and two well-behaved daughters. This is just what he usually found, but to achieve these results mother had to work all day, as both I and my sister (two years younger) were very independent and she would say stubborn little girls! We, too, got our bare bottom smackings, and more than once in our life, I'm afraid! I'm ready to admit that we both deserved it, at least most of the time. It is true what you both say, that we had the deep feeling that we were being CARED for by our parents, something that most of today's children have every reason to doubt, given their parents unwillingness to play a parental role.

Certainly many of today's pampered children would learn one thing or two if some time machine would bring them 50 years back.

But my childhood memories are not only centered around discipline in the family and at school, too: I also look back lovingly to the long hours we could freely play around unsupervised. I lived most of my childhood, from 5 to 12, in a sprawling neighbourhood, which urban development slowly sliced through beautiful and still unspoilt countryside. We did things that today would be considered too dangerous, such as playing in building sites, or bathing without adult supervision in a nearby creek, just staying out of reach for many long hours.

To sum it up: today's children, both in Scotland and Italy - I presume, are treated with much more respect and consideration for their needs, some would say with too much attention being given to their whims and tantrums. A lot of children are being spoiled by their parents, and by powerless teachers. At the same time, they are completely deprived of the freedom to play out in the streets, or in the country, that we enjoyed in our 50's childhood.

Who is the happier child? Who is the one that will grow up as a better adult ?

Heather from Leeds.

I was born in 1982 in England. My sister and I were regularly smacked on our bare bottoms, always with my mother's hand, either across her knee or face down on our beds. This was quite common at the time as I regularly saw friend's across their parents knees or heard their bottoms being smacked through walls or open windows.


I grew up in the 80's and discipline was very simple. If I misbehaved I would find myself across my mum's knee, my skirt up and my knickers down for a well smacked bottom. The most embarrassing incident happened at the school gates when I was 10 and my mum smacked my bare bottom for all my school friends', their parents and the teachers to see. I didn't feel the pain (and my mum smacked hard), I was just aware that everyone was watching my bare bottom in my mother's lap being covered with bright red handprints. When she'd smacked me about 15 times she told me "pull your knickers up." The whole place was silent everyone watching my face as red as my bottom as my mum stood me on my feet again.





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