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The AI-generated images of NAI

NAI explains how he guides his AI to create his images:

   "I use a method called fine-tuning to train my own custom text-to-image models, it takes a base Stable Diffusion model and trains it further on images of my choice. This makes it easier to get more targeted results. I do not enhance anything myself, the generations are all the sole creation of AI. Sometimes they might appear similar to other pictures you could have seen before, which is caused by the training material used, though most results will be unique.

   "The Dreambooth script can either be used online or if you have a good GPU it can be run locally.

"I use it online here.  The repo that has the script is here.

"I pay money to use a powerful google-owned GPU, as to what settings to use, best to research it yourself and experiment. There's a whole whack of things that can be changed but I can't really get into it without confusing people. Best to learn, research and experiment."















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